Audi Locus Concept Car By Ugur Sahin

Audi Locus Concept Car

Surfing around the web, we came across this concept car, Audi Locus by Ugur Sahin. Looking like TT and R8’s son from the future, this concept car impresses with its curved design, creating a continuous flow from front to the back of the car. The Audi Locus looks really nice, too bad we’ll probably never gonna see it on the streets. Click more for more pics.

Audi Locus Concept Car

Audi Locus Concept Car

Via seriouswheels.

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Comments (67)

  • prespa1 says:

    super ya no1

  • tman says:

    this is the best car in the world

  • YO says:


  • Pierre says:

    NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • baki says:

    ahoooooo Autossssss

  • r8r1976 says:

    Damn!! This has got to be the most beautiful car that I’ve ever seen.

  • puTToh says:

    DAMN that car is orgasmic!lol i’d suck five gigantic black dick for just that.(no homo)

  • crush on audi says:

    i laaaaaaaaaaaav dis car!!!

  • C3SARG says:

    Love the car neew fav

  • smhcar says:

    Oh! my god! this is my love.

  • Alex says:

    HOLLY S**T!!!

  • hatta says:

    i want!!!!1plz!!!arhhhhhhh……..

  • car appreciaator says:

    this car is not practical at all. 1 its airflow is too much and its curbweight is too less….. meaning when driving under fast conditions this car cannot make a sharp turn….. and two….. its body is not compatable with everyday use…. the undercarrage is too low to the ground…. a simple pothole could spoin this car out or rupture the gas tank.

  • Maximus says:


  • Designer says:

    This car has the front lights of the Seat Leon. Making an Audi is not only putting it’s logotype on it.

  • deen sing says:

    this ride is the best.
    … only if i could have it.

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