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10 Most Stupid Luxury Car Crashes

Car crashes happen every week, that’s why we dedicated a special category here on RPMGO, but every once in a while, some accidents happen which make everyone scratch their heads. Whether they are justified by absurd explanations, caused by crazy people or are just plain stupid, they will always happen, much to our disappointment and compassion for the cars which were involved.

That’s why we decided to create a special top ten of the stupidest sports and luxury car crashes of recent times, involving expensive performance vehicles, and a huge amount of stupidity or carelessness from their drivers. Hit the jump and be baffled once more by what a man behind the wheel can achieve.

10: Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo gets a Ferrari California stuck in the sand at a race track

Albeit not a proper crash, this accident just goes to prove that you can be the CEO of a high end supercar manufacturer, Ferrari, and still be a poor judge of what your cars can and cannot do. Luca di Montezemolo decided to show everyone gathered at a Ferrari event that he isn’t just a business suit, and took off with a Ferrari California convertible in which the company’s two Formula 1 drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were in.

After a bit of a parade on the racing circuit, Montezemolo then decided to get his pilots much closer to the stands, and went off course. This is where his F1 expertise lacks, as circuits have sand portions around the track in order to stop race cars from smashing into the tire wall at full speed. The result? A beautiful Ferrari roadster stuck in the sand.

Check out our original article to see the video proving Montezemolo’s handy work.

9: Aston Martin shows off in the rain, promptly looses control and crashes into a tree

Yeah, we get it, you had enough money to buy an Aston Martin, but while we love the sound of that great engine just as much as the next car fan, there’s a time and a place where you can show off its power and features.

Those places and times don’t include a city street while raining though, but it seems nobody told this Polish driver that, as he decided to showcase his Aston Martin, a DB9 from what we can tell, on a wet Warsaw street. Needless to say he promptly lost control, and crashed into a tree, splitting it in half.

The video of the incident is included our article about it here.

8: Holden Commodore gets airborne and crashes onto the roof of a house

We’re pretty jealous of Australians having not one but two great sportscars, the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon, but it seems they also have their fair share of stupid drivers, as one Commodore-wrangling guy managed to get airborne in his car and crash it on top of a house in Sidney.

Filed by police as a drunk driving incident, it seems that the guy decided to take his Commodore out for a spin in a suburb of the Australian city. Of course he could barely keep the performance car on the road, and crashed into a dirt mound, projecting the model over a 6.5 foot fence and on top of a single-storey house.

Fortunately everyone was safe, but that still doesn’t forgive that guy’s stupidity to drink and drive. The complete article is right here.

7: Lamborghini Diablo driver shows off, promptly crashes while trying to corner

You’ll see that a lot of these stupid crashes came as a result of a driver showing off, but this accident is just too good to pass up, especially since it was caught on video.

It seems that at a sports event in Europe, a Lamborghini Diablo owner started the race, and, in an effort to please everyone who attended, wanted to do a drift while cornering. What he didn’t take into account though was the power of the classic sportscar, which promptly sent him into a parked van.

The guy or the car weren’t badly damaged, as the speed wasn’t that high, but not even the darkest tinted windows could hide the shame he was experiencing after the incident. Check out the video at the original article.

6: Ferrari F430 Spyder falls off truck at exotic dealership

Usually exotic car crashes involve unexperienced people trying to drive powerful models. But this one, which happened in Boston, USA, involved an clumsy truck operator, which took the phrase “dropping a car off at the dealership” a bit too seriously.

That’s the only plausible explanation we can find after seeing this beautiful Ferrari F430 Spyder lay suspended from the ramp of a truck. Perhaps nobody would’ve noticed if it weren’t for the Fox News helicopter, which captured the aftermath on film, proving that there is still a purpose for that TV network.

5: Woman tries to park BMW X5 at local gym, mounts two cars in the process

So, you’re heading out to your local gym to get some exercise? Good for you! You’re taking your BMW X5? Not too good for the environment, but it’s a start. You’ve mounted two smaller cars while trying to park your SUV? Well I’m sorry but we’re dealing with a case of clumsiness, or stupidity to put it more bluntly.

This woman, apparently trying to wield an automatic BMW X5 in the parking lot of her local gym, probably forgot she selected drive and plowed on top of two other cars located in front of her Bavarian SUV. The footage captured by the surveillance camera is baffling to say the least. You can watch it too in the original article.

4: Dodge Viper driver attempts to … yeah, show off, crashes into the back of a van on the highway

According to our list, it seems that with every sportscar sold, future owners should sign a non-showing off clause, so that they don’t embarrass themselves and the poor car which did nothing to deserver its metal be subjected to the mind of its reckless driver.

This Dodge Viper owner, from Chile, decided that a great way to show other people his ride is to take it on the highway, in the slow lane, and fire off a few quick bursts of acceleration from the sportscar. But of course some cars usually break down in the slow lane or the emergency one, in this case a van, which he didn’t saw until it was too late.

The hilarious video, for us at least, is included in the original article.

3: BMW X5 M driver flips on snowy road

Special BMW drivers showed us that the X5, let alone the high performance X5 M, can easily handle itself on snowy conditions, thanks to its many electronic stability and traction control systems. So it purely boggles our mind what this guy did as he managed to flip the big Bavarian SUV on a snowy road in ski resort in Europe.

No concrete details were given, but the two pictures, one here, one in the original article, still make us scratch our heads. Luckily the safety rating for the X5 is quite high, as it managed to protect the drive and its inhabitants.

2: Italian police Lamborghini Gallardo crashes with two officers on board

Lamborghini, in an effort to make the Italian police more sensitive to why many owners of its cars push the gas pedal so hard, donated two special Gallardo supercars so that it can use them at special events and, why not, in active duty.

As such, the police trained its drivers to control the powerful models. Imagine the irony then, that two officers, coming back from a conference on safe driving, managed to crash the beautiful Lamborghini, after, allegedly, a Seat Ibiza driver cut them off. We’re a bit suspicious, especially since the impact couldn’t have been hard enough to wedge the Gallardo underneath a parked car, as you can see above, so we’re still filing this under clumsiness.

1: Bugatti Veyron driver crashes into lake allegedly due to low flying pelican

Ah yes, of all the excuses to say after you crashed a stunning Bugatti Veyron in a lake, you go with being distracted by a low flying pelican. For a moment though, the driver might have gotten away with it, but some pesky kids (a dog might also have been involved) managed to capture the crash on camera, and lo and behold, no pelican in sight.

Subsequently, the baffling excuse managed to become an Internet phenomenon, and anyone even involved in an accident might just try to pull off such an excuse. The owner of the Bugatti in question managed to pull down the video from YouTube, but his excuse will remain.

These were some of the most stupid car crashes we reported on in recent times. Hopefully less and less supercars will get smashed around by incompetent drivers, but considering how many people get into money, we wouldn’t cross our fingers. Rest assured though that we will be using those aforementioned fingers to report on every such event, with a tear in our eye.

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