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1,000th order placed for the Tesla Model S

On March 26, California based Tesla Motors unveiled the Model S all-electric family sedan and a week later the company reported 520 orders already placed for the car. And now, a month and a half later, the 1,000th order was registered. The Model S’ anticipated base price is $49,000 and potential customers need to pay a $5,000 reservation fee, which is refundable.

Though it’s not the cheapest car around, Tesla claims the total cost of ownership is much lower than other similar priced cars and, considering the gasoline’s price per gallon, they claim the Model S is equivalent to a gasoline powered car with a sticker price of about $30,000, like the Ford Taurus, Honda Accord or a BMW 3-Series. They give as an example the Tesla Roadster, which costs $101,500 but a set of factors such as the electricity vs gasoline price or the state and federal tax incentives may result in lifetime savings of at least $26,000 compared to a similar gasoline powered sports car.

“The Model S is a better value than much cheaper conventional cars,” said Tesla CEO, Chairman and Product Architect Elon Musk. “Despite the enormous environmental benefits, lower total cost of ownership will soon become the primary motivation for consumers to evolve from gas guzzlers to EVs.”

Photo Gallery: Tesla Model S

[Source: Tesla Motors]

2 Responses to 1,000th order placed for the Tesla Model S

  1. intensive driving says:

    It looks great and I look forward to hearing what it’s like to drive – when are you going to review it Vlad?

  2. Vlad Balan says:

    I have no idea, Gideon…probably when Tesla will decide to invite us to one of their events :)

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