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14 Steps To Buying A Dream Car – A Short Guide For Women

We all have a dream car that we want at some point to drive and to boast with to friends. I know, we are all pretentious when it comes to the perfect car for us, especially if we are about to buy one, but nothing compares to an undecided woman, looking for a color and a particular model, with requirements more or less important about lights and styling and who knows what else.

It could be a vehicle for which a woman has saved money her entire life or just the result of a snivel of the moment. Whatever the situation, the decision-making and the buying process is equally difficult for a woman in both cases.

So, here are some guideline steps dedicated to women, for the moment when they decide to buy their dream car:

1. Think well about what you want from your car: e.g. you want a car to be recognizable from far away, with a distinctive style, or a car that doesn’t drove attention; a family car, or a car to drive to business meetings.
2. Make some research for different features by “keywords” on specialized sites to find your target dream car.
3. Don’t disarm if what you want is difficult to be found. A dream car is never easy to find, so you don’t make an exception. You can never predict when a new opportunity could arise.
4. Accept the others’ advice on finding, inspecting and negotiating for different car models or special features that you want.
5. You should check online on specialty forums for your target make and model and review listings of price for used / new cars and the needed maintenance cost.
6. Test-drove cars owned by friends and family to verify your choice.
7. Read different vehicle history reports to check cars before you go to see them.
8. You should visit the dealers’ certified websites and get informed.
9. Visit the dealerships of the car you decided to buy.
10. Do not accept any solution that does not fully content you. There is no need to compromise; there are always many other options to explore.
11. If you want to buy a used car, make the sale contingent on inspection of the car and work with a mechanic to help you with that.
12. Don’t reject the idea of negotiating, especially with dealers who may have inflated asking prices.
13. Take into consideration the costs of the needed repairs when you make your offer.
14. Ask the owner if the car’s title is in his possession and ensure it has no liens or co-signers before giving him the money.

What more should a woman do for making the right decision when buying a car?


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