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16 People Squeezed In The VW Up!

VW Up!

There is a common trend among automakers that launch small city cars to try and prove that these vehicles are very spacious. The latest example comes from Volkswagen who took 16 of its employees and stuffed them inside the recently introduced Up! model. Two of them were in the trunk, another one on the dash, seven of them on the back seat, two in the footwells under the dash and four on the front seats. What they did is pretty impressive since the VW Up! measures only 3.54 meters long and it’s 1.64 meters wide.

VW Up!

Other recent attempts we should mention include the one from last year when 20 students were stuffed in an original VW Beetle. Another example is from 2001 when not more than 27 students from Penn State Abington got inside a New Beetle.

VW Up!

Although this isn’t an original idea since car cramming started back in the 50s, this still remains a pretty efficient marketing idea that VW has implemented for the Up! which will go on sale in Germany on December 2nd.

Source: Volkswagen via WCF

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