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1969 Holden Hurricane Brought Back To Life

1969 Holden Hurricane

Pop quiz: which is the first concept car ever made by Holden? The answer would be this cool 1969 Hurricane which was also known as the RD001. The General Motors-owned Australian automaker launched the concept at the 1969 Melbourne Motor Show and it had an experimental V8 4.2-liter engine that was able to develop 258 hp (262 PS / 193 kW). The most interesting thing about it was its cabin which was accessed by a canopy top that was hydraulically operated and it opened over the front wheels.

1969 Holden Hurricane

Aside from this and the great looks, the Holden Hurricane had a few tech goodies that made it into a production model only decades later. Some of these features include a rear-view camera as well as an automated route finder named Pathfinder which used magnets embedded along roadways for guiding the driver. It can be considered as being the precursor of today’s satellite navigation systems (GPS).

A group of engineers and designers from Holden have restored the concept to its original luster and it will be exhibited this weekend at the Motorclassica auto show which will be organized in the Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building.

Source: General Motors via WCF

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