Ford to announce its plans for Jaguar and Land Rover

Next week Ford will make an announcement regarding its two British brands, Jaguar and Land Rover. Facing a $327 million (237 million Euro) loss with its PAG (Premier Automotive Group), Ford has been working with financial advisors and tried to come up with a solution for this situation. So by next week they will make a decision and announce it to the... the full post

Ford teases with Kuga

It seems Ford is preparing us a surprise for this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, where rumors say they will present the Ford Kuga, a stylish new crossover concept based on last year’s Iosis X Concept. The Kuga is a compact five-door 4×4 and from its looks Ford is getting closer and closer to a production model, because we can see Ford... the full post

New spy shots show more on the BMW X6

Here are some spy photos of the upcoming BMW X6 taken in Germany. We have seen in the past some other spy shots of the X6, heavy camouflaged, but these ones give us a pretty godd idea of how the sport crossover from BMW will look like. We can see a front part resembling the X5′s one and a very interesting back part, which I admit I find it pretty... the full post

BMW 3 Series Cabrio Tuning by Hamann

The German tuner Hamann presented their modified version of the recently introduced BMW 3 Series Cabrio. Modifications include an aerodynamic body kit, engine upgrade and interior mods. The exterior modifications give the new 3 Series Cabrio a more aggressive look with a new HAMANN front spoiler, new side sills, HAMANN 4-pipe sport muffler plus 18,... the full post

510 HP Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Michael Schumacher, the seven-times F1 champion will unveil the new Ferrari F430 Scuderia at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. The new Ferrari F430 Scuderia is said to be equipped with a more powerful 4.3-liter V8 engine producing up to 510 hp at 8500 rpm, which means Ferrari managed to squeeze 27 hp more than F430′s original motor. And... the full post

First VW Scirocco spy shots

Autoblog published the first spy photos of the VW Scirocco taken by KGP Photography somewhere in the California desert. The car looks weird with that camouflage, but we can get a pretty good idea of how the Scirocco will look like. And it resembles pretty much the IROC concept presented last year by VW. And for those wondering if the Scirocco will... the full post

The new Volkswagen Phaeton Coupe

Volkswagen is preparing a new generation of Phaeton, and it looks like they will also introduce a new two-door variant of the Phaeton into production. Spy images of a test-mule wearing Audi A8 panels and missing the rear doors reveals that developers are testing a new coupe model. I hope that they will have more success with the new gen Phaeton, because... the full post

The new Mercedes Benz C Class Sportcoupe

No detailed info so far, but rumors say that next year, at the Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes will present the new generation C-Class Sportcoupe. Here are some renderings based on several prototypes seen being tested. Probably the new Mercedes C Class Sportcoupe will share the mechanics with the actual generation of C Class. However, there’s one... the full post

The 2009 Audi A4 preview

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It looks like Audi will be presenting a new generation of Audi A4 at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, with sales starting at the beginning of 2007. This latest renderings shows that the new A4 will look like the recently launched A5, picking up the same shaped headlights and bonnet. Another thing the upcoming Audi A4 will have in common with... the full post

2008 Toyota Sequoia spy shots

While everyone else announces smaller SUVs and crossovers, Toyota is preparing the launch of a new “giant”, the 2008 Toyota Sequoia. Spy photographers caught the Sequoia out testing, and we can see that Toyota switched to independent rear suspension, which replaces the solid live axle setup in the current Sequoia. Adaptive cruise control... the full post

Chrysler cancells the Imperial Sedan plans

Chrysler has suspended plans to bring the Chrysler Imperial premium sedan to market due to concerns including stricter fuel economy regulations pending in Washington, D.C., and higher gas prices. Unveiled as a concept at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Imperial was supposed to be a higher-end model positioned above the... the full post

29 tips on how to save money on gas

Opentravelinfo has a really cool article about 29 different ways to save money on gas. The tips are organized into 4 categories, Changing Your Driving Habits, Cheap Car Maintenance, Drive Less and Fuel Efficient Cars. In this post there are things most of you probably know, like braking the right way, turning off air conditioning or turning off your... the full post

Mercedes releases eyewear collection

At the Fashion Week event that took place in Berlin, Mercedes presented its sunglasses and eyewear frames collection. Developed in cooperation with the italian producer Allison SpA, the collection has 40 modelswith prices $220 – $357 (€159 to €259) for the sunglasses and from $233 – $330 (€169 to €239) for the frames. Personally,... the full post

Mini Cooper tuning by AC Schnitzer

German tuner AV Schnitzer released a tuning package for the new Mini Cooper. The R56 Mini is powered by a 170 hp turbo engine and features a performance exhaust system with chrome tailpipe, plus AC Schnitzer racing suspension. The body kit includes a body-color front spoiler and contrasting rear skirt with integrated diffuser. You also have the possibility... the full post

Cars and girls in Rihanna’s new video

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Ok, this is not necessary about cars, but I found this video on YouTube of Rihanna’s new song, “Shut up and drive”, and I thought it would be nice to share with you. I personally like Rihanna very much (especially her good looks) and this, combined with the cars in the video, gives a pretty good picture. In the clip you can see some... the full post