Video: Pontiac Solstice SD 290 Concept

Here’s a cool video, made by autoblog, of the Pontiac Soltice concept car which was introduced at the 2007 SEMA Show. The video also features an interview with Jim Hunter, GM Marketing Product Manager, which gives more info on the concept.…read the full post  Read More →

SEMA 2007: Volkswagen Jetta TDI SportWagen

Once again, the thing that intrigues me every time I see high performance wagon cars (everybody knows the Audi RS6) is why the heck would someone buy these cars? But nevermind that, just my thoughts. Anyways, here’s the Volkswagen Jetta TDI SportWagen, presented at the SEMA Show and powered by a 2.0 liter Clean Diesel TDI engine which delivers... the full post

SEMA 2007: Subaru Impreza WRX ‘Halloween Edition’ Tuning

Forget about going “trick or treat” in some old fashioned ghost costume. Here’s the real deal! Presented at the SEMA Show 2007, this is Halloween special edition of the new Subaru Impreza WRX. The car impresses with purple ground effects and a paint job full of owls, skeletons and monsters, perfect for a Halloween night escapade.... the full post

2009 Fisker plug-in hybrid 4-doors sports sedan

Scheduled to debut at next year’s Detroit Auto Show, in January, the Fisker Sports Sedan (not the final name) is developed with Quantum Technologies, a Californian company specialized in clean propulsion technologies. The plug-in hybrid 4-doors sports sedan will probably go on sale towards the end of 2008 – early 2009 and, priced under... the full post

Nissan Forum to debut next year at Detroit

In what’s probably the world’s shortest press release, Nissan announced that at next year’s Detroit Auto Show they will present the Nissan Forum Concept, which wants to be the ultimate family car. Besides its stylish look, the car will have trackless sliding doors and no B-pillars. Wish we could tell you more, but unfortunately that’s... the full post

Top Gear Episode 3

The latest Top Gear episode is awesome and it’s totally worth it. We have Jeremy Clarkson driving the Ferrari F599 GTB Fiorano, then The Stig takes the same car to see what it can do. But the highlights of the show are, without doubt, Hammond’s race against the eurofighter, in the Bugatti Veyron and the hilarious Clarkson’s drive around... the full post

Video: The Mazda Taiki Concept

We presented some time ago images of the Mazda Taiki, an incredible concept from the Japanese producer. And now we have something even cooler: a video of the concept in action. Enjoy the video!…read the full post  Read More →

SEMA 2007: 50 Cent’s Pontiac G8

Even if he put up his chromed Lamborghini for sale on eBay some time ago, 50 Cent still has some cool cars in his garage. This modified Pontiac G8 is a perfect example. Created by New York based tuner Unique Autosports, the G8 is powered by an 500 hp LSX 427 engine and all the components are from GM Performance Parts, including a forged steel crankshaft,... the full post

SEMA 2007 Preview: Dodge Ram BFT

No doubt that the Dodge Ram is an impressive car. Whether used for shopping or for carrying, I don’t know, cattle, one thing’s for sure, this car is huge. And this is the Dodge Ram BFT, created for the SEMA Show and based on the Dodge Ram Heavy Duty. Besides its massive look, the BFT is powered by a 6.7 liter Cummins turbo diesel and has... the full post

Kleemann GTK Concept

  • October 30, 2007 |
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Ever wondered what would a Mercedes-Maserati offspring would look like? Well, wonder no more. Because here is the Kleemann GTK Concept. The concept car is designed by Christian Brandt and it tool Kleemann three years to come up with this. Still, am I the only one who thinks that front part looks a like the new Maserati Gran Turismo, those tail lights... the full post

SEMA 2007 Preview: Three Buick Enclave Concepts

At the SEMA Show, Buick will bring three customized Enclaves, by which Buick is trying to improve their brand position. First one is the Buick Platinum Edition, created by Mitek Corporation and features shaved door handles, tinted windows and custom 20 inch TIS chrome wheels combined with 2 inch lowered suspension, plus a 4900 watt custom stereo system... the full post

SEMA 2007 Preview: Chevrolet Major League Baseball Silverado

This is the Chevrolet Major League Baseball Silverado, which will be presented at SEMA. Not much to say about this car, I’ll let you see it for yourselves. It has real baseball bat ash wood trim and uniquely trimmed leather seats that have the look and feel of a baseball – including the stitching, multi-color, MLB-inspired paint scheme... the full post

Renderings: The next generation Audi A6

After all the big three German companies released new models in the luxury compact car class, the competition will move to the mid-size class, with new models scheduled to be released in 2009 and 2010. And here are some renderings, by Autobild, of the upcoming Audi A6. The front part is not very much changed, with the new model having the LED head... the full post

860 hp Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

The Ferrari FXX, which is the most powerful GT Ferrari has ever created, just received an “Evoluzione” package, which increases the 6.2 liter V12 engine’s power from 790 to 860 hp at 9500 rpm. The Ferrari FXX Evoluzione also has a 25% improved aerodynamic efficiency, being fitted with a new rear diffuser, nolder and rear flaps and... the full post

SEMA 2007 Preview: Chrysler SR 392

After Chrysler gave us preview last week of what they’ll bring at the SEMA Show, it seems that there will more than what they showed us. Because they’ll also present the Chrysler SR 392, which is a steel bodied reproduction of a 1927 Shadowrods XL-27 street rod, originally built by Jon Hall. The Chrysler 392 HEMI crate engine roadster,... the full post