Happy Holidays from Auto Unleashed!

Well, that’s about it for this year, because today we’ll be leaving for the holidays vacation, to spend some time with our families. So I guess this would be the last post for 2007. This year has been an outstanding year for us, with Auto Unleashed launched, which had a fantastic evolution as we got to know so many cool and interesting... ...read the full post

Lewis Hamilton caught speeding in France

McLaren F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, was caught speeding on a highway in France. The 22 year old British driver was caught doing 122 mph (196km/h), that’s 37 mph more than the legal speed limit in France, which is 80 mph (130km/h). Hamilton had his Mercedes town away, got a one month ban from France, plus he had to pay a 600 euro (£430) fine.... ...read the full post

Bailey Blade could go on sale next year

  • December 19, 2007 |
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35 year old Neal Bailey is trying something really cool. He wants to create a modern sports car that is inspired from the classic sports car and he has chosen the Shelby Cobra as his source of inspiration. We’re sure this was a really brave decision, because it’s not everyday we see someone trying to create its own sports car and, if the... ...read the full post

Nissan Forum concept officially announced

Scheduled to make its world debut at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, the Nissan Forum Concept was officially announced today. The seven seater family car concept was developed by Nissan Design America and gives us a glimpse of future family transportation, trackless sliding side doors, no B-pillars and an interior featuring a multi-position swiveling... ...read the full post

Fiat 500 M tuning by Monaco Elite Design

We haven’t seen a Fiat 500 on the streets, yet, but what we’ve seen are a lot of tuning programs already made by various tuners. And here’s another one, the M Sports Kit by Monaco Elite Design. This Fiat 500 has a cool black matt paint finish (12 more matt exterior colors will be available next year), aluminum front and rear grills,... ...read the full post

Infiniti EX pricing announced

Yesterday, the Infinti EX was officially launched in the United States, in four models, RWD, RWD Journey, an AWD, and AWD Journey. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starts at $31,300 for the EX RWD and $34,850 for the EX RWD Journey. The EX35 AWD with ATTESA E-TS intelligent all-wheel drive system is priced at $32,700 and $36,250... ...read the full post

Cell Craft G440 flying concept car

Is everyone going mad or we’d better start getting out more? I mean, after earlier today we presented the diving car, here’s another crazy concept car. The Cell Craft G440 is a flying concept car, designed by Dr. Paul Moller and Gino d’Ignazio Gizio from Cell Craft. With this car sporting seven seats, I can only imagine the discussions:... ...read the full post

Buick Riviera Concept on display at Detroit

After making world debut in China, in April 2007, the Buick Riviera Concept will make its North American debut in a few weeks, at the Detroit Auto Show, which starts January 19, 2008. Even though there are no chances of ever seeing this car making into production, still it shows the direction Buick plans on going with future models, as rumors say the... ...read the full post

Rinspeed sQuba Concept scheduled for Geneva debut

Have you ever drove down the coast and felt an immediate urge to drive into the ocean? Uhm, me neither. However, Rinspeed thought you might, so they came up with this: Rinspeed sQuba Concept. Described as the first car able to drive underwater, the sQuba was the dream on Frank M. Rinderknecht, Rinspeed’s boss. Sporting a lightweight body, the... ...read the full post

Video: BMW X6

Earlier today we’ve presented the first official info on the production-ready BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe. And here’s something really cool, a video of this new SUV from BMW. Read More →

Splinter supercar made of wood

A few graduate students from North Carolina State University, who have been definitely smoking something, decided to start working on this: 600 hp Splinter supercar made of….wood. Lead by Joe Harmon, they tried to explore the possibilities and limitations of wood as a material, instead of steel, aluminum or carbon fiber, used for most cars around.... ...read the full post

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo pricing announced

Mitsubishi announced the pricing for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. The cheapest Evo will be the GSR model, priced at $34,000, while the top of the line, the MR model will start at$39,000. Both models are powered by the same 291 hp 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, the main difference being that the MR model features 6-speed dual clutch transmission (TC-SST).... ...read the full post

Pininfarina Sintesi Concept to debut at Geneva

Everyone with a clue about the auto industry has heard of Pininfarina, one of the best designers out there. And Pininfarina is decided to impress again at the Geneva Motors Show, in March 2008, where they’ll present the Pininfarina Sintesi Concept. The concept is designed by the Pininfarina Design Department, under the direction of Lowie Vermeersch,... ...read the full post

GMC Terrain to replace the Pontiac Torrent

Remember the GMC Terrain, which debuted at the Dubai Motor Show. We wrote about it here. If the first impression was that this is just another rebadged Opel Antara/Chevrolet Captiva/Saturn Vue for the Asian market, it seems this model is more important than that. Because the GMC Terrain is also going to be sold in the US, where it will replace the... ...read the full post

Mini’s crossover to be called “Crossman”

  • December 18, 2007 |
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I’m sure everyone knows about Mini’s attempt to step into a new market, by preparing a crossover model. First, we knew about it under the name “Colorado” but now we have official info. According to Mini’s CEO, Kay Segler, who has recently talked to ‘Auto motor und sport’, the car will be named Crossman. If... ...read the full post