2008 Ford Focus Coupe

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Comments (6)

  • mr.ed says:

    Ford sticks with the obsolete US model, even though this one’s been available for three years and can be gotten from Mazda s a 3 or Volvo as an S40, with a 5 cylinder engine. This version is better, and probably more expensive to build. Ford already makes no money on this size vehicle, just as GM loses on the same size Chevy and Pontiac. Why lose more?

  • Tom says:

    This car seems to be the European Version of the future Mondeo Coupé (even if it is written Focus at the back) !!
    And I think you will not see in North America : the 2008 US Focus is based on the same platformthat the 1999 one !!! Whereas the european version is at its second one yet…

  • Hasbro says:

    Ford is too nice not to kick Toyota’s ass

    like a Tetris game, Ford like to increase the handicap level then the real games begins.

  • jhjhjhjhjh says:

    nice lexus, oo mean focus….

  • hiba says:

    this is the car of my dream !!!

  • katie says:

    my baby has this car woop woop xxx

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