2008 Honda Fit/Jazz Mugen tuning

With the 2008 Honda Fit/Jazz scheduled to be released this week in Japan, Mugen, Honda’s tuning partner, already came up with two tuning program for the little fellar. These modifications consist of newly designed body kits, plus some other performance mods like sports exhaust system, sport suspension, brake pads and high-performance air-filter. The two available kits, called the L/G Aero Kit and the RS Aero Kit (the more aggressive one) include restyled front and rear bumpers, a roof spoiler, side skirts and chromed exhaust pipes. And if that’s not enough for you, Mugen also offers alloy-wheels, aluminum pedals and extra gauges.

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Full Gallery: 2008 Honda Fit/Jazz Tuning by Mugen

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  • bikuta says:

    can I get this in Australia?

  • Vlad says:

    I’m sorry bikuta, but I don’t know that. I think the best way you can find that out is by contacting your local Honda dealer and ask them.

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