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2008 Paris Special: BMW Concept X1

Last week, before we left for the Paris, we showed you a video teaser of the BMW Concept X1, which debuted at the French show. The small crossover from BMW looks like it will be placed somewhere between the X3 and the 3 Series touring and, in the press release, BMW says that the concept car previews a future production model, which will be introduced within a year and which, according to the Bavarian carmaker, will be “the world’s first Sports Activity Vehicle in the premium compact segment”. The BMW X5 was a huge hit for BMW and it was the car that practically created the SAV/SUV segment, so we might say that BMW knows what they’re doing. But its smaller brother, the X3, was not that successful, so BMW probably doesn’t afford not having a strong competitor in the small SUV market. The X1 looks better than the X3, but still, we don’t like it, especially that front part, which is hideous. It remains to see what will power this car, because nothing was mentioned in the press release.

As a bonus, we got to meet Chris Bangle, one of the most controversial characters in the auto industry (a hero for some, the man that destroyed the BMW legacy for others), but he was busy preparing for a video interview and couldn’t answer a few questions.

I’m really curious, what do you think about the car?

Photo Gallery: BMW Concept X1 at the Paris Motor Show

One Response to 2008 Paris Special: BMW Concept X1

  1. robert says:

    to be brutally honest – it’s not that good looking and i’m struggling to understand what this car is for. Really.

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