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2008 Paris Special: GTbyCitroen concept

After a lot of ‘striptease’ teasing, Citroen finally unveiled their concept car, here in Paris. The GTbyCitroen concept, besides looking incredibly good, also sets a premiere. If usually versions of real cars are featured in video games, this time Citroen has decided to create a full size replica of the car from the Playstation 3 video game, Gran Turismo 5, where it features an electric dirvetrain powered by a fuel cell. Of course, this is only a show car, it previews nothing, but still, it’s interesting to see the results when designers start playing.

“GTbyCITROËN shows how the worlds of virtual and real-life motoring can join together to create a truly innovative partnership. We were delighted that Citroen approached us and gave us the opportunity to combine our creative strengths to build this very special concept car. To see the car take shape in game and then for real has been a truly unique experience as our work normally stays in the digital world. I just hope I can get behind the wheel of GTbyCITROËN and drive it on a real race track!” said Kazanori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital Inc and creator of Gran Turismo.

Photo Gallery: GTbyCitroen Concept at the Paris Motor Show

3 Responses to 2008 Paris Special: GTbyCitroen concept

  1. Mircea says:

    This concept is too sience fiction. Will never enter in production.

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