2008 Paris Special: Lexus IS 250C makes world debut

Like we’ve announced last month, one of Lexus’ premieres for the Paris Motor Show was the new Lexus IS 250C. We really loved the IS range ever since it was introduced, it’s a really tough competitor for the German cars, and the IS 250C sounds and looks very promising also, when it will debut, next summer. Like its name says, the IS 250C is powered by the 2.5 liter V6 engine that delivers 208 hp (153 kW) mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. According to Lexus, the lightweight folding aluminium roof is the world’s fastest three-part roof, with an opening time of just 20 seconds.

Of course, extra attention was given to the car’s aerodynamics and safety, especially when running with the top open. By fitting the car with a steeply raked windscreen, ultra-smooth cabin profile, aerodynamically efficient, “duck-tail” rear styling featuring “airkick” effect, rear tail lamp clusters, and a set of aerodynamic under-body covers, the IS 250C’s drag coefficient is just 0.29 (0.27Cd rating for the sedan version).

For more info on the Lexus IS 250C, check out the official press release.

Photo Gallery: Lexus IS 250C at the Paris Motor Show

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Comments (3)

  • intensive driving says:

    Depending on how they price it, I can see Lexus taking sales away from Saab and Mercedes with the 250C - it’s a good looking car and Lexus appears to offer the quality that Saab and Mercedes used to…

  • Find Cars Online says:

    Never been a fan of Lexus because I find that it looks to close to the Merc but I must say that this is a very nice looking car and yeah depending on the price will give others a run for their money too.

  • Vlad Balan says:

    True. I also used to hate Lexus for that, but things changed for recent models.

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