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2009 BMW 7 series photos leaked

Photos of the upcoming 2009 BMW 7 series popped up all over the net so we can assume that an official press release is imminent and is due perhaps over the weekend. The Bangle design of the current generation 7 series was almost controversial with opinions going only in the hate it or love it categories. I for one loved the quirkiness of the design so I’m sad to see the the next generation will be a lot more tame and unassuming, though this wasn’t entirely unexpected especially after the 2006 facelift.

BMW’s have never been ugly but they never stood out to much either, perhaps in true German manufacturer tradition. That all changed with the current generation Bangle designed BMW’s first the 7 series then the 5 and 3 which you couldn’t help but notice.

It seems that BMW is done experimenting as the new 7 series is much more mainstream. That is not to say it’s not good looking. The general line is simple and elegant, the headlamps are much more like what we are used to in any other car though the taillamps are a bit odd. The whole thing has a sort of american feel much in the way of the Mercedes C-class.

The interior is what you would expect form the top of the line of a German luxury car with leather and wood as far as the eye can see. There is also a redesigned iDrive one that will hopefully give it’s owners less headaches as the first iDrive introduced in the current generation was notoriously frustrating.
We’ll probably get the official word in a few days and hopefully more photos but from what we already have we can see that, while it won’t win any design awards, the new 7 series will feel right at home parked in front of your estate or office building.

More photos after the jump.

Full Photo Gallery: New BMW 7 Series Leaked Photos

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