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2010 Classic Car Contest

Roadsters, hot rods, classics, engines, restorations, and of course values. The prestigious New York Times organized one the biggest classic and collectibles cars contest ever. Hot rod fanatics from all states came with their pride and joy hoping that their collectible is the ultimate classic car. The impartial judges were: number of years, model, restoration technique and shape and of course value.

Let’s check out some of the greatest classics in all USA.

One of them is the Citroen 2CV from 1973. Driving this little piece of history draws more smiles on the streets of Manhattan than whatever Ferrari, Rolls Royce or any modern car that may come by it. This little bug features an air cooled all-alloy twin cylinder 602 cc engine. With a front drive transmission, and fully independent suspension, with an amazing feat: owning the first-ever steel-belted radial ply tires ever produced by Michelin. Everything from the hood, to the seats can be replaced and restored with one wrench and a screw driver and maintaining it costs less than using public transportation. This baby has a value of 30000 $. Drive it with a smille.

Next in line comes a 1965 Tri-Power Pontiac GTO. This is one heavy muscle car. Packed with a 8 cylinder engine that delivers a burning-rubber kick start and a 4 speed transmission, this one truly feels like a roadster. Power steering, restored brakes, a cool looking drivers power seat makes it feel like the Indi 500 is about to start. Tilt wheel, Am/FM radio with a power antenna, and Rally I wheels makes this heavy muscle car worthy of $50,000- $100,000.

Now here is a tiny looking car. The Fiat 500L. This cutie still has nearly 60.000 brothers and sisters alive and kicking in Italy. It’s an incredible example of efficient design, rendering it a must have on the narrow city streets and piazzas of Italian towns. A tiny 405 cc engine and manual transmission makes this car, not only fun to look at, but fun to drive as well with an estimated value of less than 30.000$.

Can you hear it? Cause I can hear that roar of the engine from the other side of the hood. That would be the classic, the powerful, the muscle ’65 Ford Mustang. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Dodge or Chevy fan, you will deeply appreciate and bow your head towards the everlasting lines of an old classic like this. Extremely well equipped, power steering and brakes, a power top and yes… it’s automatic transmission. This car was born to run at top speed. The estimated value for it is $30,000 – $50,000.

And the winner, a 1941 Tartra T87. this car is beautiful. It spells out class, rafinament, and delight to look at. It drives amazingly considering it’s age, and the 8 cylinder rear end engine is a marvel of engineering along with the 4 speed transaxle. This one has no price on it and that sais it all. Take a look and you’ll understand

I was left speechless after that encounter with history cruising by me.


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