BMW overtakes Toyota and becomes world’s most valuable car brand

The beginning of the year has been pretty tough on Toyota, thanks to the major recalls and various scandals. While many fans of the Japanese company believed the carmaker would survive and see its public image not too seriously tarnished, a new study shows that Toyota has indeed suffered, in terms of brand value. Millward Brown, in its BrandZ Top 100... the full post

2010 Lexus GX460 back on sale, stability fix now available in dealerships

Lexus has just announced that the 2010 GX460 SUV is now back on sale and that the software update for the car’s stability control system is available, so there is no longer the possibility of losing control of the big Lexus. While safety fans will definitely rejoice and drifting fans will be sad, Toyota is scoring this as a big win, hyping up... the full post

BMW planning X4 after X6 success

  • April 30, 2010 |
  • BMW |

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Ferrari F430 Spyder burns in the streets of Singapore

Supercars tend to offer some extreme thrills, unrivaled by most of the vehicles we see on the road today. Sometimes, owners might get a bit too much than what they bargained for, and get some life threatening experiences alongside their expensive supercar. We’ve seen Audi R8 models burst into flames or catch fire on the road, but now a new incident... the full post

Video: Peugeot unleashes first ad for RCZ roadster

Peugeot is gearing up to release the first model, in a long time, that promises to revamp the image of the French carmaker: the RCZ roadster. As such, the company released the first ad for the attractive coupe. While the message is pretty good, the RCZ, at least from this ad, does appear to a be a bit creepy rather than menacing. Hit the jump to check... the full post

Hyundai presents new Elantra (Avante) in South Korea

Hyundai is on a roll these days, and just a week after it revealed the new Accent/Verna compact sedan at the Beijing Motor Show, the South Korean carmaker revealed the Elantra (or Avante, as it is know in Asia) at the Busan Motor Show in its native country. As you can see above, the new Elantra sports the same fluidic design language, as seen on the... the full post

Suzuki extends ‘free gas for summer’ offer for all models

  • April 30, 2010 |
  • Suzuki |
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Suzuki launched a very interesting offer last summer, when it offered free gas for the whole season to anyone who purchased either the SX4 Sport or Crossover models. Now, seeing as how summer is rapidly approaching and people are already thinking about going on vacation, the Japanese company has restarted the ‘free gas for summer‘ offer. The... the full post

TVR set to bring Chevrolet Corvette-powered roadster, ponders hybrid tech

  • April 30, 2010 |
  • Hybrid TVR |
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The UK had small sportscar manufacturers by the dozen in the glory days, but things aren’t looking that good in the present. One company which was deemed pretty much dead by the media was TVR, which didn’t reveal anything big after it was purchased by Russian rich guy Nikolai Smolenski. For fans of the sportscar manufacturer, Autocar managed... the full post

Lotus showcases lightweight, futuristic Toyota Venza

These days, practically all carmakers are trying to make their models as light possible in order to achieve the best fuel average. But while some may proclaim that aerodynamics also play a key role in keeping fuel consumption down, lighter is still better. In order to further highlight the importance of reduced weight, Lotus, a sportscar manufacturer... the full post

Mercedes-Benz also announces a carbon fiber future for its models

It seems carbon fiber won’t be just a thing high end supercar manufacturers or tuners use on specific vehicles. After BMW announced that it will build a carbon fiber processing plant in the USA, and use the material on its future models, including the electric Megacity, Daimler has also revealed that the material will be used on Mercedes-Benz... the full post

Audi A5

Cars are important for all of us nowadays because we all either have and drive a car or plan on buying one in the near future. Everyone has become more and more interested in cars in the last few years because it has become kind of impossible not to have a car these days as cars are helpful to us in many ways every day. We all have the possibility... the full post

Opel Meriva

Cars are very important nowadays because everyone wants to have and drive one. There are numerous persons who already have and drive cars and others who do not have one yet or do not drive it but who intend to do this soon. Cars are seen everyday wherever we might go. Everyone has his or her own model of car according to the choices that have been... the full post

Lamborghini GTV 350

We all have and drive a car nowadays or intend to drive one soon. We have become used to driving cars and many of us actually enjoy doing this. Certainly, it is not all about enjoying to do this as cars are also useful for us in many ways and attention is required to be paid when driving a car and also when choosing what type of car to buy and use.... the full post

Audi RS6

Nowadays, many more persons have and drive cars and this is because everyone has got accustomed to driving their own car and getting in this way much faster to work, to school, at home and also to various other places where they might need to go to. There are numerous types and models of cars available for us to analyze in order to decide according... the full post

Opel Calibra

Cars are essential in the world in which we live as they are used by everyone in one way or another. Cars are useful to be used in many situations and we are all interested in being able to buy a good car for us to drive these days. There are numerous persons who already have and drive a car but there are also numerous persons who do not have one... the full post