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2011 BMW X5 Gets More Muscles Via G-Power

2011 BMW X5 by G-Power

The tuning enthusiasts from G-Power have taken the 2011 BMW X5 and developed an upgrade program that manages to increase the power of the xDrive48i to 525hp. The SUV comes with a 4.8-liter power unit and has been fitted with the tuner’s SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger system, allowing the engine to reach a peak torque of 600 Nm at 5,300 rpm. Thanks to this tuning, the car can do the 0-62 mph speed in 4.7 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 275 km/h.

2011 BMW X5 by G-Power

Aside from installing a supercharger, the engineers from G-Power also fitted the car with an ASA T1-522 charger that has a radial centrifugal clutch and is flanged to the power unit via a CNC-milled framework structure. The aforementioned supercharger is powered by a crankshaft through a multi-rib belt. It manages to boost a pressure of 0.5 bar and is lubricated through the power unit’s oil circulation system.

2011 BMW X5 by G-Power

In addition, the 2011 BMW X5 tuned by G-Power comes with a 2-part carbon intake air duct, a high-performance exhaust system that features racing catalysts, headers and end mufflers, along with a large-volume aluminum charge air cooling system.

2011 BMW X5 by G-Power

No word about the price tag yet but what we can tell you is that the aerodynamic kit can be fitted to any X5 model and comes with updated front & rear bumpers, wide fenders, rear roof wing, side skirts, new hood and 23-inch alloys.

Source: G-Power via ZerCustoms

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