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2011 Ford Fiesta US shipments delayed due to hurricane and storms

One of the biggest products this year for Ford is definitely the 2011 Fiesta, which will pave the way for the B segment to once again attract American customers.

Sadly, things aren’t off to the best of starts, as the Blue Oval has just announced that the first shipments of the new Fiesta from its Mexico City plant will be delayed. It seems that both hurricane Alex, which struck Norther Mexico late last month, and tropical storm Bonnie, which hit afterwards, have caused serious damage to the railroad network around the Mexican capital.

As such, the trains carrying the 2011 Fiesta models have been re-routed, but the new distances are much greater. Ford is currently letting dealerships know when the cars will arrive, but until the railroads are fixed, things will be off to a slow start for the little Fiesta.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

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