Classic Car Museums

Every year many classic car auctions and shows are organized all over the world, but museums are the one place were classic cars can be seen at any time. One of the most significant classic car museums is the Canton Classic Car Museum from Ohio. Canton Classic Car Museum This particular museum was founded by the late Marshall Belden in 1978, a man... the full post

Car Problem Symptoms

As a car owner you need to possess the basic knowledge needed so that you can know when you’re having trouble with the car. Anyone of us must have taken the car to a second hand mechanic and got it back with the same problem as before, maybe with additional damage inflicted upon it. This can be extremely frustrating, that’s why you need to assess... the full post

California Classic Car Shows

Classic car shows are organized every year all around the world. These shows are important events for classic car admirers, because in this way they can exchange information and discover new antique cars that were just found. California is one of the states that have always hosted many classic car shows. An important city from California that... the full post

Andalusia Used Car

I’ve recently moved to the beautiful Covington County, Alabama, also known as Andalusia and I’m on the market for some means of transportation. After a little digging I’ve discovered some great deals for used yet highly recommended cars. Let’s check out some of the cars that made top sales in Andalusia. A top of the line candidate for the... the full post

Classic Car Movies

The title of “classic car” is used not only for cars that have been built in the past decades, but also for cars that have the ability to describe an era. That is the case of cars that won important races over the time and of cars that have became today rarities of their “species”. But the most well known classic cars are those that conquered... the full post

Diagnose Car Problem

Owning a car is a big responsibility. The owner must be able to know how the car works in the first place and then, several mechanical details about the car functioning system. So there is a requirement of basic knowledge every car owner should hold if they are to be proud of driving their cars. You don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to be... the full post

Amelia Island Car Auction

The Amelia Island Car Auction was held in 2010 on the 13th of March and was a huge success with total sales that reached $19 million. Apparently, classic car collectors were very interested in the many cars that were part of the auction. The event took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and in just one day 112 cars were sold. The price tags were astounding... the full post

37th Atlantic City Collector Car Auction

For a classic car enthusiast is very important to find out everything about the classic car auctions he is interested in. The number of auctions that are organized each year over the world is quite impressive. It would be impossible for a human being to attend all of them, but if you have the opportunity to choose you should definitely consider... the full post

Rental Car Insurance

When thinking about rental car insurance, you need to take into consideration that most of the private vehicle insurance companies’ coverage transfers over to the rented car during the time the rental is utilized by you. Keep in mind that if you decide to allow other drivers that are not on your personal policy, you will be in a serious risk as if... the full post

Automotive furniture for car lovers

There’s a fine line between interesting and ridiculous and sometimes, out of too much love for their cars, people tend to cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Here’s a fine example of automotive furniture, which I would actually put in my home:And here are is an example of stuff one shouldn’t ever, under any circumstance,... the full post

Temporary Car Insurance

If you plan on using a car for a period of up to six months, you will definitely be interested in getting temporary car insurance. These short-term policies will cover you while you have temporary use of a car. The period of the coverage can range from one day to six months, depending upon how long you will be using it. You need to know that for such... the full post

Certified Used Car

A certified pre-owned car (CPO) or a certified used car is a second hand vehicle that has passed a safety inspection and comes with warranty. In comparison to traditional cars, these CPO cars usually cost more because they of their certification process and the bundled warranty. In many of the situations, these cars have been returned to “like-new”... the full post

US-spec Golf R, Less Powerful Than Its European Sibling

VW Golf R The US-spec Volkswagen Golf R will go into production this November at the company’s plant in Wolfsburg and it is going to be a little bit different in comparison to its European sibling. Although it will come with the same 4-cylidner 2.0-liter engine, linked to the automaker’s 4th gen Haldex 4Motion AWD system, it will develop less power. VW... the full post

Ford’s SYNC Technology, Heading To Europe

Ford has revealed today its plans to bring the SYNC Technology, which is an infotainment and connectivity system, to the European models, starting with the new Focus. The Blue Oval said that it wants to have 2 million SYNC-equipped vehicles on European roads by the year 2015. This voice-control technology is going to be available in 19 languages, as... the full post

Holden Cruze Series II Unveiled

Holden Cruze Series II I don’t know why, but I’ve always been fascinated by Australian cars and someday I hope I’ll drive one. Of course, most of the Holdens are based on the GM cars but nevertheless, I wonder how it feels like to drive an Australian car. Holden Cruze Series II Moving on, Holden has announced that it plans on making the Cruze... the full post