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Classic Car Museums

Every year many classic car auctions and shows are organized all over the world, but museums are the one place were classic cars can be seen at any time. One of the most significant classic car museums is the Canton Classic Car Museum from Ohio.

Canton Classic Car Museum

This particular museum was founded by the late Marshall Belden in 1978, a man that realized what an important part classic cars play in our history. Nowadays the classic car museum is a home for more than forty-five rare or eccentric classic cars. But these impressive vehicles aren’t the only stars of the museum. Thousands of historical pieces are displayed as well. This category includes: steam engines, movie posters or historical photographs.

The museum is available seven days a week, from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and it charges only $7.50 for adults and $5.00 for children under the age of 6. It also offers discounts for groups and guided tours. And if you are interested in souvenirs the gift shop opened during museum hours will be the answer for your shopping crave.

The museum is proud of its American iconic cars such as the 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible, one of the most famous cars ever built by Chevrolet or the 1959 Cadillac Biarritz convertible, the very car that reflects the futuristic vision of Harley Earl and Frank Hershey. The time period covered by this gorgeous cars ranges from 1901 to 1970. The oldest one is the 1901 curved-dash Oldsmobile, while the “new generation” brags around with a 1970 Plymouth Super Bird.

One-of-a-kind is a term that characterizes most of the cars displayed inside this classic car museum. Each room has a theme. For example, the 1930’s theme is represented by some true automotive works of art. Brands such as Marmon, Pierce-Arrow, Cord, Packard or Cadillac take you back in time and present you the 1930s.

Another amazing car is the Bantam pickup truck, a car that is actually a prototype built by Bantam for the U. S. Government. The car was supposed to be a multi-purpose military vehicle, but in the end it became available on the market. The Bantam pickup truck started to be known as the Jeep. The initial contract that involved manufacturing a military vehicle was awarded to Willys/Overland and to the Ford Motor Company, because the Bantam company was too small for the task.

1939 Bantam Pickup Truck

The Canton Classic Car Museum is also the proud owner of an original, not restored fire truck. We are talking about a 1937 Ahrens-Fox Quad powered by a massive Hercules engine. Another precious acquisition is a 1937 Packard hearse which is equipped with a V12 engine. The most interesting feature of this car is represented by the hand-carved mahogany body panels.

Europeans are represented as well. A 1962 German-built Amphicar dominates one of the rooms. Believe it or not, this car was the kind of car that could be used as a pleasure boat as well. That’s the reason why the Amphicar is equipped with dual propellers and the front wheels are specially designed to be used also as dual rudders. Another interesting car hosted by the museum is a three-wheel Italian classic car, the 1957 BMW Isetta. Exactly this model was part of a television show entitled “Family Matters”.

I hope that I convinced you to go and visit this classic car museum because it is worth the trip. The amazing rare classic cars, the events that the museum organizes each week, the town itself make a visit to the Canton Classic Car Museum an unforgettable experience.

Car Problem Symptoms

As a car owner you need to possess the basic knowledge needed so that you can know when you’re having trouble with the car. Anyone of us must have taken the car to a second hand mechanic and got it back with the same problem as before, maybe with additional damage inflicted upon it. This can be extremely frustrating, that’s why you need to assess the problem and be able to present to an extent the problem to a certified mechanic. For this purpose I’ve gathered list of some of the most common problem symptoms that may appear.

For example: air that holds an unpleasant odor comes out of the air conditioning system. This is a situation that may occur when the car air conditioning system has a problem with a drain pan. The Evaporation drain pan is not draining properly because there is some obstruction in the drain hose.

This may happen when moisture is formed on the evaporator and starts to drip on the drain pan causing all the moisture to get trapped inside then drain pan, fact that causes an unpleasant smell to be carried along the a/c vents.

Car problems

Another situation is when the ignition key is turned the vehicle doesn’t start, only a clicking sound occurs.

Many people have encountered this problem and it may lead to two possible outcomes: either there is a problem with the battery, or it’s something that involves your starter. Finding out if the problem is related to the battery is easy: turn the key only half the turn, to accessory setting (this turns only the electrical equipment on) and try to operate the windshield wipers. If the wipers are moving slower than usual or not moving at all there is definitely something wrong with your battery, since the wipers are operated electrically.

If they run correctly and you can see no anomaly there then it’s a starter problem, which gives you only one option, locate your starter and check for any disconnected, corroded or otherwise affected wires. If so have your mechanic change it.

Excessive engine vibration while idling can be a very unpleasant thing to experience and even dangerous in some cases. For the engine to run correctly and at optimal parameters, all the engine’s cylinders must fire properly and in the correct order, but there are affected cylinders that misfire, they affect the entire engine block balance and causes the whole vehicle to shake like a boat. Usually the main cause of engine misfiring is due to a worn distributor cap or a spark plug. Another reason might be a burned valve that causes improper compression thus resulting in engine misfiring. In this situation it would be ill advised to temper with the car. The best thing to do is tolling it to the nearest mechanic for tune-up and maintenance.

Here’s an example that can be truly dangerous for you and for your car: one of the wheels blocks when car brakes are applied. This is a very dangerous thing to occur while driving as you may loose control as the blocked wheel drag you off the road. This effect indicates a certain imbalance on the brakes. This usually happens when one of the wheels is braking while the opposite is not, malfunction usually caused by a contamination of the brake lining. If the brake lining presents grease or oil than under no circumstances you are to drive it. Transport it to a mechanic as soon as possible as he is able to clean, restore and recalibrate the brake

California Classic Car Shows

Classic car shows are organized every year all around the world. These shows are important events for classic car admirers, because in this way they can exchange information and discover new antique cars that were just found.

California is one of the states that have always hosted many classic car shows. An important city from California that organizes impressive classic car shows is San Diego. The admirers of classic cars from the 50’s or the 60’s should go in San Diego if they want to see live some authentic classic cars. At these California classic car shows you can enjoy the classic car shows and also the activities specially organized to entertain the participants.

The largest classic car show from San Diego is the Cajon Classic Cruise. The event takes place every year in June. It’s hosted on Main Street in downtown El Cajon. Each one of us can participate at the event because the entrance is free. The show displays more than 500 cars such as hot rods, motorcycles and custom cars that value more than $10 million.

Another California Classic Car Show from San Diego is the Thursday Night Back to the 50’s Classic Car Show. The event is held in La Mesa and is organized in June, July and August every Thursday evening. Every evening, the best four classic cars and the best motorcycle are awarded a prize. The variety of car styles is impressive. You can admire antique cars, motorcycles, horseless carriages and hot rods. Every week more than 4,500 people of all ages come and have fun at this event.

California classic car shows

In Escondido, every year, the Cruisin’ Grand is held. That’s another classic car show that begins in April and ends in September. The classic cars displayed at this event are American cars made in 1973 and the years before that. The show includes vintage, muscle and hot rod cars. The 2010 Cruisin’ Grand was a real success. The season attendance achieved the impressive number of 200,000 people.

The newest addition to the list of California classic cars shows is the Rods &Woodies Show. This is an event that takes place one the third Thursday of each month during the summer season. The interesting part of the event is the fact that you can admire classic woodies cars on the beach. The 2010 show was held on the coastal beach city of Encinitas, only 15 miles north of San Diego. It was the largest California Classic Car Show that hosted wooden bodied cars and I can even say it was the largest in the world. The stars of the classic cars show were of course, our eccentric cars. More than 300 wooden cars participated at this impressive show.

The show awarded several prizes to the wooden cars that were displayed at the Moonlight State Beach. Among the trophies that rewarded the elegance and the stateliness of these classic cars were: the trophy for the Best Sixty Surfer Woodie, Best Hot Rod and Best License Plate. The visitors could also talk to car owners or do some swimming and surfing.

I hope I gave you some good ideas for your summer trip. For classic car lovers the California Classic Car Shows, especially the San Diego ones, are places that help you find the most amazing and elegant classic cars. Even if you are a classic car admirer or you only love to travel, California, and especially San Diego, is one of the most amazing places in America.

Andalusia Used Car

I’ve recently moved to the beautiful Covington County, Alabama, also known as Andalusia and I’m on the market for some means of transportation. After a little digging I’ve discovered some great deals for used yet highly recommended cars. Let’s check out some of the cars that made top sales in Andalusia.

A top of the line candidate for the minivan section is the 1999 Chevrolet Venture. A lot better than its predecessor, the Venture minivan has scored some considerable sales even gaining a couple of “Best Buy” accolades from the motoring media. Its success lies in the fact that it truly is a dedicated car for the family being equipped with features like a driver side sliding door, passenger side power sliding door, available modular seating, optional integrated child seats, standard four-wheel antilock brakes and optional tractioncontrol. A big engine of 3.4-liter V6 that develops 185 horsepower makes this car able to pull a 3.500 pound trailer load. Best of all it’s in a price range of 2100- 2400$.

1999 Chevrolet Venture

Here’s the ultimate off-roader: the 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport. This big machine, holding true to it’s lineage of Jeep, the Liberty has been specially designed to venture off road, a feature not equally shared by the competition. Thanks to the steep approach and departure angles, and extremely well built suspension that is independent on the front and solid axle on the rear, combined with the rack and pinion steering, this car will take you anywhere from mountain side to desert dunes. A 3.7 liter 210 hp V6 engine combined with a six speed automatic transmission and the ability to shift between two-wheel drive and 4 x 4 makes this car a undisputed master of the terrain and it can be yours for 8,200$.

Hold on to your hats! Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 passing by. The all American favorite: the pickup truck has been an enormous hit since 2000. The 2006 Ram Pickup from comes with several upgrades like the new body style called Mega Cab. 20 inch longer than the old Quad Cab, the Mega version provides a best in the business interior. New dashboard center console, seats and radios come with the 2006 package.

As expected, two and four-wheel drive configurations are offered, both electronically controlled. This “power wagon” is highly afflicted for off-road duty and offers features like electric locking front and rear differentials, an electronically controlled front antiroll bar, 33-inch tires, a 12,000-pound winch, a 2.5-inch taller stance and unique suspension tuning. A huge 5.7-liter Hemi V8 powers up this big pickup that’s saying “I’ll get the job done” simple as that. The price for it varies from 13000-15000$ depending on the equipment and features you go for.

Other cars that may you may seem interested in like the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta, a 1 year old car, therefore packing a whole lot of german engineering and technology inside and outside the hood with a price of 16.000$, highly recommendable. Or if you’re up for another barely used car you may want  to go with the Chrysler 300 Touring once again not even 1 year old. For no less than 18.995$.

Chrysler 300 Touring

I’m getting one. How about you?

Classic Car Movies

The title of “classic car” is used not only for cars that have been built in the past decades, but also for cars that have the ability to describe an era. That is the case of cars that won important races over the time and of cars that have became today rarities of their “species”. But the most well known classic cars are those that conquered our attention by “acting” in one or more movies.

I think you might be interested in a top six list of the most popular classic cars that were a cast member of a movie. I hope that you will enjoy a travel through time and movies and together we will remember both classic cars and good movies.

The 6th place is occupied by a 1970 MK IV British Leyland Mini 1000. It’s a yellow crazy car that was the witness of many eccentricities of the leading role British actor from the film. An example would be the way he fitted the door with a blot-latch and a padlock, when he removed the steering wheel instead of the contact key or got dressed in it while he was driving. I think that you guessed which car I’m talking about. Exactly, it’s Mr.Bean’s car.

1970 MK IV British Leyland Mini 1000

The 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura occupies the 5th place on my classic car movies list. The car was used in the classic Batman TV series. It was the perfect car with tailfins and unusual windshields and the best choice when it comes to power and speed. The unhappiest thing was the fact that this car wasn’t made available on the market.

One step closer to the winners, the Aston Martin DB5 is the next car that made my top. What can I tell you about this car?  It’s a stylish car that was driven by the most wanted secret agent. You got it! It’s the James Bond car. This car, of Sir 007, became more expensive after the first Bond movies. For example, an Aston Martin was sold in 2006 for no more and no less than $2,090,000.

The bronze winner is the 1969 Dodge Charger equipped with a 429 Hemi engine and the name will ring a bell if you recall “The Dukes of Hazzard” movie. If you watched the movie you surely recall that the car’s name was General Lee. Nobody can forget the shiny red paint or the number “01” imprinted on both sides of the car.

A 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am is the silver winner. You didn’t recognize it, yet? I will give you some more clues. Its name in the movie was KITT and was drove by David Hasselhoff. Yes, you know about what I’m talking. It’s the star from the “Knight Rider” and you also know that the car was the best “actor”. Its bomb sniffer, sleep gas, an intelligent Al and flamethrowers wrote history.

And you know that we have to end the top. So, the winner is… I even can hear the drums go mad… of course, the 1976 Chevrolet Camaro. I’m sure that you remember that “pretty face” from the Transformers movie. What car can compete with Bumblebee?  What car can become a friendly robot?

1976 Chevrolet Camaro

I might have forgotten some of the classic car movies that made an impact on release, but this were the ones that impressed me. If you were impressed as well you should try to remember you own car heroes and maybe watch again those movies with your friends. It will certainly be the best way to spend a relaxing evening!

Diagnose Car Problem

Owning a car is a big responsibility. The owner must be able to know how the car works in the first place and then, several mechanical details about the car functioning system. So there is a requirement of basic knowledge every car owner should hold if they are to be proud of driving their cars.

You don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to be able to diagnose your car, even at basic levels. All you need to understand is how the car functions. If you truly care about your car, as a helping tool and as means of transportation that are of great necessity to you, then you will are willing to understand the beauty of a mechanical complex machine which is your car. If this is something you want to learn than read on.

Modern cars have become extremely complex over the time and understanding it from wheels to bodywork is something nearly impossible. That would mean that you are suppose to know every knob, every parameter, every electrical wire and where it all goes and get’s connected. No one asks you for that, but for example to try and make a diagnosis to an electrical problem with the car, you don’t need to go through extreme details. All you need to know is an idea about the various important systems that make the car work. All these systems can provide the car with “symptoms” in case one of the systems is malfunctioning or running in abnormal parameters.

Diagnose Car Problem

Understanding the basic functions of a car puts you in contact with all the subsystems of a car that keep it in working order. The most important part of the car that you need to know about is the engine since it is the heart of every car. Learn a bit about the components of the engine and what each of their role is in sustaining the engine. After that you need to know how the subsystems need to me maintained to work in optimal conditions.

Another subsystem of great importance is the electrical system. Due to the electrical system you are able to activate and deactivate just about every feature of the car and of course the engine itself. Due to that importance you need to know a little about the peripherals attached to it like the battery, the transmission, the lights and other peripherals attached to the electrical system, and what function and purpose do they serve to your car.

You should be able to assess and make a list of all the “vulnerabilities” of the important parts of your car. Take the alternator for example: the car alternator is the device which delivers electrical power to the car by storing it in the car battery. It is one of the most important parts of the electrical system and you need to know what to do in case of an alternator fail, to be able to analyse the situation and realise that it’s an electrical problem.

Always have a tool box ready equipped with all the basic needs along side with some diagnostic tools as well, for example: a digital voltmeter to be able to measure the battery rating and to be able to assess the condition that the battery is in.

And the final advice is to never go too long without a routine check so don’t forget to take your “lady” to the mechanic from time to time if you want “her” to run great for you each time.

Amelia Island Car Auction

The Amelia Island Car Auction was held in 2010 on the 13th of March and was a huge success with total sales that reached $19 million. Apparently, classic car collectors were very interested in the many cars that were part of the auction.

The event took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and in just one day 112 cars were sold. The price tags were astounding as well: four cars were sold for more than a million dollar, while 15 of these beauties went over the selling price that was estimated for them. You must agree that the event was a good start, considering that later on the Amelia Island Concurs d’Elegance was going to be organized. Let’s hope the standards were as high or why not even higher.

The most expensive car sold at the auction was a 1930 Duesenberg Model J Sport Berline that used to be the property of the important American collector Mr. John O’Quinn. Among the 54 cars that are part of the collection this particular classic car, the so called “Whittell Mistress Car” was sold for the impressive sum of $1,705,000, a selling price that exceeded the estimated one. The collection’s price tag went up after the sale of another Model J Duesenberg, a restored 1932 Convertible Coupe. Its price was a little over $800,000, a well deserved respect for a beautiful classic car.

1930 Duesenberg Model J Sport Berline

The collection of Mr. John O’Quinn had other surprises in store as well. A 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing” Coupe, with red leather interior was able to convince its future owner to pay $687,500. The 1935 Auburn 851Sc Speedster didn’t leave the audience down either. It was sold for an impressive $418,000. The collection included a 1964 Pontiac Bonneville as well. The convertible was built as a custom model for Hank Williams Jr. by Nudie Cohn and was able to get a selling price of $225,500.

Another highlight of the 2010 Amelia Island Car Auction was the presence of a range of historic Ferraris. The center piece was a Fly Yellow 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Berlinetta that prior to the event featured in Forza Magazine. Its price tag went over the estimated selling price, reaching $1,650,000. Another $1,265,000 was paid for a 1967 alloy-bodied Four-Cam that became available on the market for the first time in 30 years. The last one-million dollar baby of the auction was a 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spyder that was formerly the property of Edsel B. Ford II and came with full certification provided by Ferrari Classiche.

Fly Yellow 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB 4 Berlinetta

98 of the 112 classic cars enlisted in the Amelia Island Car Auction found a new owner. The total sales reached $19,147,550, while the average sum paid for a car was of no more and no less than $198,383. You must admit that those numbers are quite impressive and prove that the Amelia Island Car Auction is not for cheap people. It’s an event dedicated to rare classic car lovers that are willing to go the extra mile for the cars that steal their heart.

37th Atlantic City Collector Car Auction

For a classic car enthusiast is very important to find out everything about the classic car auctions he is interested in. The number of auctions that are organized each year over the world is quite impressive. It would be impossible for a human being to attend all of them, but if you have the opportunity to choose you should definitely consider the Atlantic City Collector Car Auction.  In 2010 the event celebrated its 37th edition.

This event has been an attraction point for people from across the USA since its first edition that was held in 1973. In 2010 an admission ticket for the Atlantic City auction was sold for $20 if you were an adult and for $5 if the participant was a child under the age of 12.

The 2010 event was entitled “East Coast’s largest classic car show and auction” and hosted more than 600 cars displayed on the surroundings of the auction place and another 500 that were exposed in different saloons. The large number of cars and the diversity of styles guaranteed an exciting visual adventure for people. So, you could choose your own hot rod or muscle car or anything in between. An interesting feature of the event was the fact that the participants were able to buy all kind of car related items, such as car parts, tools, insurance, cleaning products or car magazines, besides the actual cars.

Atlantic city collector car auction

The most important classic cars put up on sale were a 1946 Mercury station wagon with a wooden body, a 1936 Ford Phaeton, a 1948 Bentley Mark VI, a 1966 convertible Corvette and a 1958 Impala. The bid for a 1968 Pontiac GTO Ram Air II went slowly up to $400,000. This car wasn’t restored and is one of the only two 1968 Pontiac GTO that were ever found. Another exciting appearance at this auction was a 1969 Camaro Double COPO. The car was manufactured by Chevrolet in 50 units and nowadays only a dozen of them are still available on the market.

Some special classic cars were gathered by the organizers for an exquisite event that took place at the Borgata Hotel, Casino&Spa. Before the auction the participants could enjoy an amazing cocktail party and after that they were invited to bid for one of the 50 “best of the best” cars that were enlisted in the auction. These were all cars manufactured by well known brands, such as Deusenberg, Cadillac, Packard and many others. The models that attracted more attention were a 1931 Pierce Arrow convertible coupe, a 1938 Packard Darrin Roadster and a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.

Atlantic city collector car auction

An innovation of the 37th Atlantic City Classic Collector Car Auction was the possibility to bid live over the Internet. Car lovers appreciated the chance offered to them by the organizers and took advantage of it.

The 37th Atlantic City Classic Collector Car Auction was a real success for both organizers and classic car collectors or buyers. Time passed quickly! You know how they say: all good things must come to an end. But there’s always next year, and the year after that and…

Rental Car Insurance

When thinking about rental car insurance, you need to take into consideration that most of the private vehicle insurance companies’ coverage transfers over to the rented car during the time the rental is utilized by you. Keep in mind that if you decide to allow other drivers that are not on your personal policy, you will be in a serious risk as if the other persons that are using the rented car get into an accident, they will not be covered. For this reason, you need to ask your insurance company about their policy regarding this situation.

If the policy you have offers a minimum level of coverage, you may want to compute the value of the damage or loss of a newer car (the rented one) and figure out if you want to supplement your coverage. The personal car policies that will extend collision coverage to a rented automobile only give a coverage limit equal to the value of your own car. However, if your car’s value is less in comparison to the value of the car you have rented, you might be obligated to pay for some of the damages that might occur.

Check with your credit company to find out if it offers rental car insurance coverage if you use their card for paying the rented car. Don’t forget to ask them about the requirements for getting reimbursed. To give you an example of a possible problem – you might not be reimbursed if you do not tell the company within a certain period of time after the accident. In most of the cases, for a credit car insurance to work, the car that you rent must be paid in full with it, and you must refuse the rental company’s collision waiver, and at the same time be the primary renter of the vehicle (of course, additional added drivers will also be covered).

If you plan on going on a business trip, check with your insurance company as some of them will not cover you in this situation. More than that, most of the companies will not cover any car use that involves delivery for business purposes of people, supplies, materials, food or papers. For the long-term rentals, the coverage might be limited and most of the companies cover cars rented for up to 30 days. In addition, don’t forget to check if the coverage is available in a foreign country – most likely it will not be. Pickup trucks, campers, exotic car as well are other rented vehicles might not be eligible for coverage.

In the event that you are not adequately covered by the credit card company and/or the insurance policy, you might want to take into consideration the options offered by the rental company. Why? Because any insurance is better than no insurance.  We recommend that you pay a nominal amount per day in comparison to having to pay even thousands of dollars over years in a payment plan for property damage.

In case you are involved in an accident in a rental vehicle and your personal car policy transfers over to the rental, it means that the extra insurance you purchase from the rental company is considered excess to your own regular car policy. In this situation, your policy will pay out first and any of the potential damages over the limit will be covered by the rental carrier. Of course, this is with the exception of impact on the rental car. For such kind of damages, you will be obligated to pay your deductible in order to repair the rental, and your carrier will have to pay the remainder.  You will be excused from this only if the other person involved in the accident is at fault or you have opted for the additional insurance, due to the reason that the additional insurance will cover the damages to the rented car, but not for the property damage of others, with the exception of an excess capacity.

If you are one of those people that do not own a car or if you rent them very often, we recommend that you ask your insurance agent about purchasing a non-owner liability policy as it will provide comprehensive coverage for multiple rentals and might be able to prove to be a better bargain in comparison to the damage waivers offered by the rental firms. However, do not forget that if you cause damage to the car that you have rented, it will cause your regular vehicle insurance premium to go sky high.

Regardless of the rental car insurance you choose, remember to read the fine print of your card agreement. Most likely, the coverage is only secondary and this means that after you pay out of your own wallet for the damage, then you have the possibility to try to collect from AMEX or Master Card. Taking into consideration the fact that they are not in business to donate money, you’ll most likely get nothing from them.

If your credit card can cover some of the damage, they will most likely either take an apportioned (prorata) amount of the damages along with the rental agency above or excess to the limits of your policy, or they’ll say that they will cover anything that is beyond what it is not paid by the other two entities.

Regarding the credit card coverage for insurance, be careful because it is only given to the cardholder and it might not include your wife – if she was driving the car at the moment of the accident.

As you can see, getting rental car insurance can be a little bit tricky as you need to take a lot of things into consideration before choosing what you need. As we said before, any type of insurance is better than no insurance. As they say, better safe than sorry – no point on risking when it comes down to getting insurance for a rental car.

Automotive furniture for car lovers

There’s a fine line between interesting and ridiculous and sometimes, out of too much love for their cars, people tend to cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Here’s a fine example of automotive furniture, which I would actually put in my home:

And here are is an example of stuff one shouldn’t ever, under any circumstance, do or buy or own or anything.

What’s your opinion on these kind of things?

Via Luxatic, Thedesignblog and Sweetsofas.

Temporary Car Insurance

If you plan on using a car for a period of up to six months, you will definitely be interested in getting temporary car insurance. These short-term policies will cover you while you have temporary use of a car. The period of the coverage can range from one day to six months, depending upon how long you will be using it. You need to know that for such policies, the premium is collected monthly or in advance and the coverage can begin on the date agree upon or immediately.

This type of policy can include liability insurance like property damage and bodily injury as well as physical damage, uninsured / underinsured motorist and also medical payments for the passengers. In most of the situations, the insurance companies will charge a flat rate for this type of policy. In comparison to a long-term insurance, this type may be a little bit more affordable. Some companies will offer extras like roadside service which might come in hand for some people. You can cancel this type of insurance by writing a request to cancel the policy, it works in most situations.

Applying for a short-term car insurance can be done both online and offline. On the Internet there are a bundle of quote engines that can compute your likely cost at several different insurance companies based on a questionnaire that you will have to fill out.

Temporary car insurance is the best solution if you plan on taking a long trip with a rented vehicle, or when you want to protect your stored automobile from physical damage. In addition, guests from other towns might need a car for transportation and they should get such type of insurance. Another example would be when parents have children in college that want to use the car during breaks from school. The applicability of short-term car insurance is quite large.

Another important advantage of this type of policy is that it will not affect your regular long-term policy and any number of drivers will be able to drive the car. On a normal car policy, it can be a rather difficult task to add another driver. Although it has a time limit, the amount of coverage offered is satisfying for most of us and exactly what we need for a brief period.

You should know that most of the companies will let you add a temporary vehicle onto you regular car insurance policy and then cancel it after you have returned from your trip. We recommend that you choose the same company as you did for the long-term vehicle insurance as you already have a relationship with it and they might give you a discount.

Certified Used Car

A certified pre-owned car (CPO) or a certified used car is a second hand vehicle that has passed a safety inspection and comes with warranty. In comparison to traditional cars, these CPO cars usually cost more because they of their certification process and the bundled warranty. In many of the situations, these cars have been returned to “like-new” condition by the dealer and have a manufacturer-backed warranty.

These certified used-car programs go back into the early 90s with high-end automakers like Mercedes or Lexus. These CPO programs were “fueled” mostly by the high quantity of cars that came out of leases. Manufacturers thought that instead of turning these leased cars over to auctions or used-car lots, they should develop these CPO programs, targeting luxury new-car buyers that are on a strict and limited budget.

At the moment, about 40% of all used cars are sold through a CPO program. The main reason behind the success of certified pre-owned car programs is that now consumers can enter a segment of the market that in the past wasn’t affordable to them.

Customers are attracted mostly of the guarantee of a like-new car at a very close used car price tag. Most of these CPO programs include 100-point reconditioning/inspection, warranty coverage as well as some roadside assistance. In addition, a few automakers like Acura or General Motors have a return/exchange policy.

For many car buyers out there, they consider that it is worth paying the premium price as they get the peace of mind provided by owning a CPO car – and this is exactly what manufacturers and dealers want you to think. The reality is that automakers and dealers have come up with and backed these CPO programs because customers have asked for a more accessible method to purchase a used car and dealers have the liberty to charge more for a pre-owned car.

By taking a car and certifying it, the dealer has the ability to raise its asking price, compared to a non-certified car. The cost of this certification to the manufacturer / dealer is probably about 1/2 – 1/3 of what they are in fact charging clients. The vast majority of the dealers will certify and buy warranties on only the best used cars, and when they do, they usually spend from $300 to $1,000.

What you must know is that although dealers will tell you that an inspected car is repaired and returned to its manufacturer specifications or “upgraded”, the fact is that if they find something very wrong with it during this inspection, they will simply take it off the CPO program and sell it “as is” or even wholesaled at an auction house.

By increasing the resale transaction price tag of a used vehicle through a CPO program, the automaker reaps another benefit, consisting of higher residual values on like-model new cars. As a consequence, it increases the lease value of a like-model new car which means that the automaker will get a bigger profit – one of the most important reasons why car companies get involved in these CPO programs.

A certified used car can have either a factory or a dealer certification. Most of the used-car dealers and some new-car ones offer their own brands of certification. Our advice is to avoid dealer-certification programs as they are a bit of a gamble in comparison to getting a factory-certified car and in many cases, not worth the money. In addition, do not forget to get a copy of the inspection/repair list for the particular certified vehicle you are looking at.

A large proportion of consumers prefer purchasing certified cars as they would encounter less hassle in the car-buying process as it allows them to get a like-new used vehicle for less money than they would expect to pay for a current model, while at the same time holding on to the security of a factory warranty. Other buyers get non-certified cars as in most of the cases these are considerably more affordable, and the cost of getting the vehicle inspected and buying the warranty coverage independently is in many cases more affordable than the cost of the certification.

Regardless if you fall in one or the other category, you will need to get a vehicle history report in order to avoid purchasing a lemon. This report will tell you the history of the title, report recorded mileage, major accidents and/or repairs along with other similar issues. To get this information, you will have to know the car’s VIN – Vehicle Identification Number.

To sum up, both manufacturers and dealers market a certified used car as they know that a consumer wants a hassle-free shopping experience and these CPO programs bring them more money in the bank. Of course, there are those savvy consumers that will verify the car’s title, get an extended warranty and hire a mechanic that will cost them less in comparison to what a dealer charges for certifying the used car. But most of us prefer the peace of mind that such a certified used vehicle can give and the responsibility of checking out the car handed out to the dealer. In the end, only you, the consumer, can choose between certified or non-certified.

US-spec Golf R, Less Powerful Than Its European Sibling

VW Golf R

The US-spec Volkswagen Golf R will go into production this November at the company’s plant in Wolfsburg and it is going to be a little bit different in comparison to its European sibling. Although it will come with the same 4-cylidner 2.0-liter engine, linked to the automaker’s 4th gen Haldex 4Motion AWD system, it will develop less power.

VW Golf R

The European model produces 270 hp and 258 lb.-ft of torque while the US model will offer only 256 hp and 243 lb.-ft (not yet confirmed). Although it will be less powerful, it will still offer 56 hp and 36 lb.-ft more in comparison to the standard Golf GTI and taking into consideration that the R model will have a curb weight of about 3,300 pounds which is 250 less in comparison to the most recent R32, it should be a fast car. The German automaker said that the Golf R will be able to do the 0-60 mph sprint in about 5.7 – 5.9 seconds.

VW Golf R

This engine will be mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox while the European version can be fitted with the DSG transmission. I was surprised to find out that there wasn’t going to be an automatic transmission for the US-spec model, but VW said that they’ve done a little bit of research with various enthusiast groups and dealers and from what they’ve found out, most of them will want to change the gears manually.

Source: AutoBlog


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Ford’s SYNC Technology, Heading To Europe

Ford has revealed today its plans to bring the SYNC Technology, which is an infotainment and connectivity system, to the European models, starting with the new Focus. The Blue Oval said that it wants to have 2 million SYNC-equipped vehicles on European roads by the year 2015.

This voice-control technology is going to be available in 19 languages, as follows: United States, United Kingdom and Australian English; European & Canadian French; European and United States Spanish; European and Brazilian Portuguese; Italian, German, Dutch, Turkish and Russian. Other languages (outside of Europe) compatible with Ford’s SYNC system are Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

This system is able to recognize 10,000 commands in each of the aforementioned 19 languages which can give Ford drivers the possibility to control just about all of the car’s functions using their voice.

SYNC is able to connect to mobile phones via a Bluetooth connection and playback media is acquired thanks to the USB ports and can even act as a mobile WiFi hotspot for the vehicle’s passengers.

Source: Carscoop.com

Holden Cruze Series II Unveiled

Holden Cruze Series II

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been fascinated by Australian cars and someday I hope I’ll drive one. Of course, most of the Holdens are based on the GM cars but nevertheless, I wonder how it feels like to drive an Australian car.

Holden Cruze Series II

Moving on, Holden has announced that it plans on making the Cruze Series II in Australia starting with this March, in comparison to the previous models which were imported from Korea.  The facelift of the Cruze brings styling, powertrain and chassis changes.


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