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2012 BMW 1-Series Leaked

2012 BMW 1-Series

I always considered the 1-Series to be the ugliest car BMW has ever made and the new generation is even uglier than before. The German automaker will launch the car this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show and although it looks more substantial than the car that it will be replacing, that front fascia which looks like the 5-Series GT (another design flop) was a very bad idea.

2012 BMW 1-Series

There are good things about it though, like the fact that it offers a roomier cabin thanks to the fact that the wheelbase now measures 105.9 inches (2.69 meters). In addition, the luggage capacity has also been raised by an additional 7 cubic feet (200 liters).

2012 BMW 1-Series

Clients (not many I’m sure) will have to pick from the long list of engines which will be available upon launch. For example, the 1.6-liter gasoline engine will be offered in three output configurations: 134 hp (136 PS / 100 kW), 168 hp (170 PS / 100 kW) and probably a little bit later, the 247 hp (250 PS / 184 kW) unit.

2012 BMW 1-Series

If you are a diesel man, the 2012 BMW 1-Series will get a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, capable of outputting 114 hp (116 PS / 85 kW), 141 hp (143 PS / 105 kW) or 181 hp (184 PS / 135 kW). All these engines will be mated to either a 6-speed manual gearbox or an 8-speed automatic transmission.

2012 BMW 1-Series

All of the 1-Series variants will benefit from BMW’s start/stop system and the regenerative brakes technology as part of the company’s EfficientDynamics strategy. This means that the car will be able to return from 40.6 to 54.7 mpg (4.3 to 5.8 liters / 100 km).

2012 BMW 1-Series

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