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2012 Infiniti M35h Becomes Fastest Full Hybrid In The World

2012 Infiniti M35h

The Japanese car manufacturer Infiniti has become popular for rolling out cars that offer luxury and performance. With the introduction of the M35h model in Europe, the company decided to not focus on the car’s fuel economy or the list of available goodies. Instead, they’ve invited the guys from the Guinness World Records to UK’s Santa Pod Raceway where the gorgeous sedan was officially certified as being the “world’s fastest accelerating full hybrid” in the entire world.

2012 Infiniti M35h

They took a regular, production-line version and tested it without making any sort of modifications, achieving an average run of 13.9 seconds @ over 100 mph. The car is motivated by a V6 engine that develops 292 hp and an electric motor that has an additional 67 hp, all for a grand total of 359 hp. These figures are available for the European-spec model while the North American version offers “only” 350 hp.

2012 Infiniti M35h

Anyway, the car needed 5.5 seconds in order to do the 0-62 mph sprint, which makes it a little bit faster than the now-defunct BMW ActiveHybrid X6 that does the 0-60 mph sprint in the same amount of time. Let’s not forget that we are talking about a frugal car so we have to mention that it can return 27 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway, according to EPA. In addition, the 2012 Infiniti M35h can be driven in electric mode at speeds of up to 75 mph.

Source: Infiniti via Green Car Reports