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2012 Maserati Quattroporte to get all-wheel drive plus start-stop technology

Fiat’s high end divisions, Maserati and Ferrari, are researching a lot of ways to make their performance and luxury models more eco-friendly, in order to comply with harsher fuel average or emission regulations.

As such, while Ferrari is busy fiddling with KERS and might share that with Maserati in the future, the less sporty company will do the next best thing with the 2012 Quattroporte model: use a new platform with smaller engines and eco-friendly technologies.

As such, the future Italian luxury sedan will be sitting on a new joint platform, set to be used by flagship Fiat and Chrysler products in the future. Smaller and lighter V6 and V8 engines will sit on top of the new platform, and power all the wheels, even though that might lead to an increase in fuel average.

Thankfully, technologies like Start-Stop, which turns off the engine when standing still and powers it back on when moving, might be used. A more efficient eight-speed gearbox will also be used. The goal, according to Maserati CEO Harald Wester, is to cut 15% of the weight of the car and make it 25% more efficient.

Seeing as how Ferrari won’t dabble in the super sedan segment, Maserati’s Quattroporte will be the only offer from the Fiat group. As you can imagine, a lot of effort will be put into making it the best offer on the market.

Source: Automotive News

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