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2012 Mercedes SLK by Carlsson

2012 Mercedes SLK by Carlsson

To me, as far as the design is concerned, the recently introduced new generation of the Mercedes SLK is one of those cars that looks drop dead gorgeous right from the factory line so tuners should avoid messing up with the design. Performance improvements yes, design changes no. However, aftermarket specialists like Carlsson have managed to make me think about this a little bit more in depth as their upgrade program for the SLK makes the car even more beautiful than before, without changing too much.

Design-wise, their aerodynamic kit features a new front spoiler lip that looks like it was created by Mercedes themselves, along with a rear apron insert that also looks like it was there right from the start. Other additions include the rear diffuser which looks kinda nice and stainless steel front grille inserts that probably look good only on a white SLK, like the one in these two pictures.

2012 Mercedes SLK by Carlsson

Aside from making a few subtle design updates here and there, they’ve also installed a bespoke exhaust system that consists of a stainless steel sports silencer that has two pipes. In addition, the SLK now rides on 20-inch light alloy rims and the suspension lowering kit brings the sexy cabrio closer to the ground. As far as the inside is concerned, the guys over at Carlsson fitted the Mercedes SLK with aluminum pedals, elegant Nappa leather upholstery, along with various carbon, wood and Alcantara trim parts.

They’ve made some modifications under the hood too, where the TGI engines can be fitted with a C-Tronic power kit that increases the output of the engine between 27 and 40 hp.

I’ve always enjoyed subtle tuning programs and Carlsson has managed to come up with just that. Well done guys.

Source: Carlsson via ZerCustoms

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