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2013 Tesla Model X will be revealed in February

We knew that the upcoming Tesla Model X is scheduled for a Q1 2012 release but we did not know exactly when the event will take place. In an interview given by the company’s CEO Elon Musk, the Model X crossover SUV will make its official debut on Monday, February 9th.

No word at the moment regarding the location of the event, but Musk stated that the unveiling is going to be organized at joint event in order to mark the opening of the company’s southern California design studio.

Just as you would expect, Tesla Motors is very shy in regards of giving details about the upcoming green crossover, but we already know that we are dealing with a compact yet spacious vehicle which will offer just about the same level of luxury as the one found in the upcoming 2012 Model S.

In addition, the car will provide seating for up to seven people thanks to the inclusion of three rows of seats and it is expected to offer similar technical capabilities as the Model S, along with the automaker’s charging port and battery options that will provide enough juice for 160 miles per charge and up to 300 miles.

Source: Tesla Motors via Green Car Reports

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