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21 Day Car Lease

21 days car lease is about the most useful of all short term car leases. In European countries it’s very practical to rent a car for 21 or 30 days because many like to attend road trips and holidays in the beautiful countries of Europe. Arranging a short term lease for a new car in Europe can be more profitable than a rental for longer periods, that are over three weeks, plus you’re better insured as well.

One time in a trip I was stopped by a policeman just outside Trieste and while I handed my papers for verification, I knew that some explaining were required. The carabineer was a part of a roadblock organized against smuggling somewhere near Italian-Slovenian border. He became really confused when he looked through the papers (the car title was French) the ownership papers came from Milan and my driver’s license had Pennsylvania on it. You can realize how fumbled was the policeman. I explained that it’s a short term car lease, than he looked at me funny. Than I was ordered to step out of the vehicle and present its contents and the trunk to the officer. Since I didn’t have thousands of Slovenian cigarettes, I was swiftly on my way. That was the ONLY trouble I’ve ever had when getting a short term car lease in Europe.

21 days car lease

The advantages of a short term car lease, or as it’s known in Europe: buy-back or purchase-repurchase, are in hundreds. Leasing offers are filled with all kinds of offers and beneficial packets that no other rental company offers. First of all leasing costs a lot less, enabling you to pay somewhere between 18 to 70% of the sum you’d pay in any rental contract. Another great perk is the fact that you get unlimited mileage on the leasing period. Roadside assistance is present with you everywhere you’d go. They put at your disposal only factory, brand new cars for you to pick. All the rates are guaranteed in US dollars thus insuring you that no surprises will occur like it usually happens when different currency is used.

There is no VAT or local taxes to worry about when you have to return the car. These are the taxes that usually materialize out of thin air when getting a rental car. The absence of airport surcharges and the “extra driver” fees are great when you have to travel from place to place. The minimum age for leasing a car has dropped from 25 to 18 compared to renting, which makes it a lot more accessible to anyone that can prove they can support a lease. And finally you receive FREE insurance that comes with complete coverage. No other rental company will fully cover the car you pick, no matter whether you take it for 3 weeks or 1 day, and all these comes with absolutely no deductibles.

The full insurance and no deductable feats are the best. Once I had to return a rental car that had a tiny scratch on the door. I don’t even know how it happened since in the morning I woke up and it was there. Of course the rental company didn’t care and they charged me the entire $300 deductible to fix 5 centimeters of scratched surface.

On the other hand, when I leased a car through Auto Europe, and I had to take it back with the entire back window windshield missing (like Murphy’s Laws dictate, it got broke exactly 1 night before my end of lease ). All I did was apologized and they let me walk away


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