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27 year old German dies in Audi R8 crash

In the past, we’ve showed you a couple of other Audi R8 accidents (it seems like this car was made to be crashed). But, if in the other crashes case we felt really sorry only for the car, this time, things went really bad for the driver also. Because the 27 yo German guy who owned this R8 and crashed it on a highway in Germany didn’t make it alive.

According to police reports, the driver was speeding in heavy rain, lost control of the car and smashed it into the guard rail. The young man wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and the paramedics couldn’t do anything for him; he was pronounced dead at the scene. I feel really bad for him and his family and I think this should really make other supercar owners think twice before pushing the gas pedal a little more than they should. I mean, I understand, the sensation is unique, but is this really worth your life? What do you think? Please drop a comment here.

GermanCarScene [via MotorAuthority]

17 Responses to 27 year old German dies in Audi R8 crash

  1. 219 MPH in a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 | Auto Unleashed says:

    [...] limits, go on a track, not on the streets! Because we’d feel sorry if you’d end up like this (not to mention, you could also hurt other innocent people!). Any message for this guy? Leave it [...]

  2. intensive driving says:

    Very sad.
    Do you think there’s something about having 4wd that makes people less careful in the wet?
    He might still be alive if he’d been wearing a safety belt…

  3. aguy says:

    Shame about the wrecked car. As for the stupid guy …

  4. jagdeep says:

    i LOVE YOUR pgee. n wt u duin takin pix of carzz ( AUDI R8.. GUD JOBB) lol….i 2 felt reli bad fo de crsshdd carrr n poor german DUDEE!!!!!!

  5. fdsa says:

    people like this deserve to die, they think just beacause they got money they are more impurere then others. this is a warning to all rich bastards to stop showing off with there hi tec cars you f**king useless bastards.

  6. chasman55 says:

    no seatbelt? I guess he just filtered our gene pool

  7. unbelievable says:

    If you are going to speed in heavy rain at least have the common sense to buckle up. Although the consequences proved tragic I am glad no one else was injured due to one person’s extremely poor judgment.

  8. Rocky says:

    Shame for young life but fizic got a limits. Without seatbelt even in this car you are not safe.

  9. Luke says:

    My dad’s lived a biblical life. Honored his parents etc. and just 6 months short of his retirement… he’s got terminal cancer and has about 4-5 mths to live. I say drive that son of a b***h as fast as u can. Thats what I do. L Beut (Anesthesia Associates MO, USA)

  10. andy says:

    although i agree he is a f**king idiot and its cuz of idiots like this that we see so many deaths. i dont agree that he deserved it, nobody deserves death only punishment.

  11. Stan says:

    “fdsa said:
    people like this deserve to die, they think just beacause they got money they are more impurere then others. this is a warning to all rich bastards to stop showing off with there hi tec cars you f**king useless bastards.”

    Maybe if you learned to spell, use words correctly and form grammatically correct sentences, you could become one of the “rich bastards” you so despise. Instead, you find it far easier to sit in front of the TV or computer and hate the successful. This is way easier than expending some effort toward educating yourself. By what I see from your writing and your hatred, the world would be better off without you and your ilk. Maybe that’s where the true deserving lies.

  12. asd says:

    if he just wore a bloody seatbelt he might hv been fine!!

  13. ez says:

    Without a seat belt, it doesn’t matter how safe the car is, you will still die in a major crash. One can only hope people learn from this.

    Here in Sweden 97% of the women and 90% of the men uses seat belts. 40% of the people who dies in the traffic here wears no seat belt. You do the math.

  14. Matty-D says:

    I have a few points here.

    1 – I have difficulty sympathizing for a man who if he did not wear his belt.

    2 – Does anyone here understand how vehicles are designed to take an impact? Look at how solid the passenger compartment is? I would bet he would have lived. I would bet far too much on that.

    3- I have been through a few accidents over my 26 years on this earth, (mostly minor, but also one which the grace of the universe (God if you will) & NOT following conventional wisdom (stay limp/relaxed in a crash) I would have died @ 200km/h. I was of course wearing my belt as always.

    Having said that I won the lottory. Not only did I live, but I walked away under my own strength, and even (barely) remained conscious during the impact. I walked away needing only 1 or 2 dozen stiches. Not a broken bone. I did have lower back and neck injury (whiplash). almost 4 years later my neck and back are now 80% The accident left me at what I would consider 40 – 50% for my back and neck. I am still healing and getting better. I will be fully healed by fall of 2009 :)

    That was my Super Lottary Winning.

    Many of my greatest lessons and teachings come from my greatest mistakes. Not only is that accident no exception, it is the one which changed my life for the better and put me on track for life. Having been through that I do sympathize for this man, but much more for his family, friends, and all who knew him; as they are the ones who felt the true pain of the accident.

    The Vehicle was a 1994 Cadillac Eldorado touring coupe.

  15. Raubkatze says:

    you are right… this was my crash
    12.12.08 B145

  16. Raubkatze says:

    p.s: ca. 50 mph and ice………………

  17. €R1$T1ANO says:

    man i love speed and the feeling of it.. but i been in 2 really bad car crashes, i just thank God everyday that nothing happened to me and that i was by my self in both crashes. Let me tell you man that little time of adrenaline does not worth your life man.. not only for you but for your family, trust me man.. find a place safe where u can speed once a while and dont risk it in the streets.. dont wait for something to happend to control your self and stop, cuz trust me is really expensive :S .. stay safe in the roads!!!

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