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3 cars for Cat Women

Our colleagues from Carwoo have selected 3 car models which they considered to perfectly suit “cat women”. And when we say cat women who mean literally cat women, meaning women who like cats. Maybe this is not a criteria for whether to buy or not to buy a car, but it’s fun to see how a car can say so much about a woman’s preferences in pets.

So, let’s see the list:

Buick Lacrosse: yes, it’s not a mistake. Although you would be tempted to consider this a car for “old ladies” instead of a car for cat women, Buick LaCrosse looks pretty good: refined and elegant. Why it’s perfect for cats? Because it offers a smooth ride and your cat is protected by the road noise.

Ford Taurus: it’s an affordable car, perfect for cats due to its sheers size and roomier interior. Plus, its top-of-the-line interior electronics and Sync infotainment system help you keep focused and drive safe with your cat.

GMC Acadia: it’s the largest cars from the three mentioned in this article. An important feature which should count when you drive with your cat is the tri-zone climate control, which maintains temperature consistency during the ride. In this way you won’t risk your car getting sick.

Have you ever ride with your cat? Which car have you used?

[Source: Carwoo, Intro photo, Photos]

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