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350 MPGe Rating For The Edison2


Figuring out the EPA’s equivalent ratings for EVs is a little bit tricky to do as there are a series of various calculations involved, but when the Leaf has a 99 MPGe rating and this Edison2 has 350 MPGe, it means that were dealing with a very interesting car.

According to the testing conducted by the EPA, the Edison2 managed to return 347 mpg in the city and 352 mpg on the highway, thanks to its very aerodynamic shape and the low curb weight of only 1,140 pounds. This means that the EV with its 1.05 kWh battery can provide a range of 114 miles. Filling the small battery is done in six hours on a regular 110-volt household outlet.

Although it might be a very interesting and economical car, we have to be sincere and say that not many people would want to drive such a thing. Let’s hope that in the future more attractive cars will be able to have the same performances as this Edison2.

Source: EPA via Green Car Reports

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