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360-degree flip in a Chevrolet Sonic

General Motors came up with a brilliant idea for promoting the new Chevrolet Sonic subcompact. They’ve teamed up with professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek who swapped his usual four-wheel plywood for a 5-door Sonic in order to perform a 360-degree “kickflip”. There were two 50-foot ramps, one to launch off the car and another one to land it. Between these two ramps there was a massive skateboard.

This advertising scheme was part of the automaker’s “Let’s do this” campaign for the funky hatchback and it follows the previous “Sonic Skydive” where the car was parachuted from a plane at an altitude of 14,000 ft. Part of this campaign was also the “Sonic Bungee Jump” where the vehicle was launched from a 100-ft tower while it was tied to an elastic bungee cord.

Pretty cool, right? Here’s the “kickflip” video:

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