370 BMWs damaged in cargo ship incident

I’m sure today wasn’t a good day for BMW North America or for one insurance company. Because of a tipped cargo ship in New Jersey, 370 BMW cars were damaged, 70 of which were completely wrecked. And that’s not all the bad news…it seems that most of the cars were brand new E92 M3s. I’m sure the insurance company which will pay for this won’t be so happy about it.

The damaged cars will be taken to BMW’s Elizabeth Receiving facility where they’ll be fixed and then sold as new, which I don’t know if it’s so convenient for the buyers. The 70 severely damaged cars will be crushed. Apparently this wasn’t such a good week for sports cars, as we can see this “poor” guy being forced to get his Ferrari F430 towed by a $1000 Daewoo Tico.

See more photos of the damaged cars after the jump.

Photo Gallery: Damaged BMWs in New Jersey port

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Comments (7)

  • Noel says:

    yea crush the bad ones dont part them out…. Oh yea sell me a brand new beamer that has been wrecked!

    Hm I dont think so they could cram them now.

  • Luke says:

    Oh no! Those pictures were painful to look at. I can’t believe so many of those beautiful cars were smashed. :’(
    @noel: I wouldn’t want to find out I paid full price for a repaired bmw either. They should be discounted.

  • KB says:

    I think that is a bad move on BMW’s part to fix the wrecked cars and sell them as new. When I’m spending 60k on a new car, it better well be a brand new car, not a wrecked and fixed car.

    Granted, they don’t want to destroy 370 cars that can be fixed. That’s understandable. But don’t hide them as new. Sell them discounted at dealerships. Let the buyers know that they were previously damaged and wrecked, have been fixed, have been tested to meet BMW standards, and are working perfectly now.

    Otherwise, you’re going to lose buyers if they found out about their car being damaged before it got to them.

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