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4WD BMW M5 Confirmed

BMW Concept M5

The German car manufacturer BMW has confirmed that a four-wheel-drive version of the M5 will eventually be released. The company’s new and highly anticipated rival to the Mercedes E63 AMG was revealed last week at the Shanghai Auto Show, in the form of a concept, packing a V8 twin-turbocharged engine that delivers 552 hp.

BMW Concept M5

BMW refuses to share more information about the car, but we do know that 4WD version is under development, along with a China-only long-wheelbase version. We will have all the information about the M5 later this year after its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where BMW will bring the production-ready version.

BMW Concept M5

Expect to see greater straight-line performance in comparison to the outgoing generation, along with a 25% improved fuel efficiency, thanks mostly to the new 7-speed Getrag-engineered dual-clutch gearbox, along with a wide array of measures from the company’s Efficient Dynamics portfolio, like the automatic start/stop system, brake energy recuperation, as well as on-demand auxiliary functions for the car’s water pump.

BMW Concept M5

Source: BMW via Autocar

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