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Dec 25th, 2007
YaZ said:

acually … i don’t care if its belongs to 50 cent or 20 cents … the looks sickkkkkk

May 18th, 2008
Car l said:

Can’t say that I agree with Yaz. The car has a distinctive look with the chrome. Could be a bit hard to drive on a sunny day due to the glare though.

Jun 14th, 2008
robert saint amour said:

this site promotes fraud by accepting ads claiming to run cars on water, this is a scam and diminishes the credibility of an otherwise good site

Jun 14th, 2008
Vlad said:

What ads, dude?

Sep 25th, 2008
Demonface said:

I like Lambos, the chrome is too much! It would look better if it was black with chrome!

Oct 10th, 2008
juven said:

225,300 is steep, but iz a good ass deal! but wont that shine get in someones eyes on a sunny day?

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