500 electric MINI Coopers for California

The german car maker, BMW, is planning on bulding about 500 electric versions of MINI Coopers for California. The cars will be build at MINI’s Oxford, England plant but without egines, gearboxex or fuel tanks. They will be shipped to Munich, Germany to be fitted with electric powertrains.

10 MINI Coopers will be used as show cars for advertising and the rest, 490, electric MINIs will be making their way to California for selected customers. A source from BMW said that the electric MINIs will be painted silver with a yellow roof.

This program is a part of Project I established by BMW to test and develop low-emission cars. This project will focus on dealing with strict smissions requirements and restricted access to town and cities.

Soon, BMW will announce if they are going to build electric vehicles or not later this year.

Via eGMCarTech

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  • Solar John says:

    Hey BMW,
    I double-dog-dare you to sell or lease me an electric mini. Unlike So Cal, I live in the Midwest where we have a wide range of weather and road conditions. I would be an excellent choice as a beta tester. I’m also into solar, and would be charging the car with my off-grid PV system. I write about my experinces on my blog, and I accept no money from the auto or oil industries. My reporting is fair and unbiased. Lets get serious about cutting our dependence on oil, and lets do it now! Getting fossil-free transportation tested and on the market is the first step. I’m serious, are you?

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