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70% of people eat in their car even though it could lead to food poisoning

Driving a car in second nature to a lot of us, but sometimes this means that we need to get our food on the go. While eating in a car is already a bit of a messy affair, it seems that a lot of people still do it anyway, as a new study conducted in the UK shows that 70% of people eat in their vehicle regularly.

While that may not sound too scary, how about the fact that after scientists tested out random cars, they found a whole array of germs and bacteria on things like door handles, gear knobs or even the steering wheel?

These aren’t your regular bugs either, as these microscopic organisms ranged from Staphylococcus to Bacillus Cereus, just the things that can lead to food poisoning, nausea or worse. And if you’re thinking that the summer heat might kill them off, then you’re wrong, as these germs thrive even more in hot environments.

So, all in all, next time you’re feeling hungry, just go to a restaurant, and be sure to clean your car every now and then if you don’t want a bacteria circus in there.

Source: Daily Mail via Automarket


One Response to 70% of people eat in their car even though it could lead to food poisoning

  1. intensive driving says:

    I guess this means we should wash our hands after driving a car… especially if it’s not your own!

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