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75% of drivers admit to talking to their cars, study says

We live in a world where studies are made left and right on almost every topic imaginable. That’s why a new one coming from Motors.co.uk asked drivers in the UK if they usually talk with their cars while driving.

The result was a massive 75% of all repliers revealed that they do in fact talk with their cars while being in it. From arguing with the voice from the satellite navigation to asking the vehicle what’s wrong when something doesn’t feel right, drivers really like to stay in touch with their precious car. Also, with plenty of high end vehicles offering voice activated controls, plenty of other drivers are talking these days.

Katie Armitage, marketing manager which worked on the survey revealed that the result isn’t very surprising, as driving alone and marketing efforts to convey personalities to cars lead people to talk with them.

“With many people spending several hours a day traveling to work, it’s not surprising that more people seem to be talking to their cars. Manufacturers spend millions on advertising trying to give their cars a personality, whether it’s fun and cheeky MINIs to safe, dependable Volvos – which could explain why people feel able to relate to their cars.”

Do you talk to your car? I do have to admit that sometimes I can also find myself doing this, especially on long drives. Leave your answer in the comment box below.

Source: CarDealerMagazine