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9FF attempts the first Porsche Panamera sketches

The Porsche Panamera sure is hot stuff these days. With only a few days until it’s official unveilling in Paris, the teaser shots from Porsche only put gas on the fire which is the excitement of the motoring press worldwide. The German manufacturer’s first attempt at a 4 door sedan is surely interesting. After the loads of spy shots captured of the car, the guys from 9FF, a Porsche specialized tuner, drew a sketch of the presumed super-sedan.

Although the base of the model was made up of the spy shots, the tuners took some liberties with the model and fitted it with special wheels and a rear diffuser. Guess there isn’t a better time to start a tuning program for a car than before it is even launched. All in all, it’s quite a beautiful sketch and let’s hope that Porsche’s actual car would look as great. With all the rumors that are flying around, we’re really anxious for the official launch so all of them would end. Check out one more sketch after the jump.