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Abarth working on a hotter Fiat Panda

Abarth Panda (rendering)

According to our colleagues from Auto Express.co.uk, Abarth is currently working on a hotter version of the Fiat Panda which will be powered by a 2-cylinder 875cc turbo TwinAir engine that will develop at least 110 hp which should be just about enough for a 0-62 mph sprint in 8.5 seconds and a top speed of 110 mph. Fuel consumption will remain at 60 mpg UK and this new engine will also be installed on the Panda 4×4 version.

The Abarth Panda will probably reach the showrooms sometime in 2013 and it will be the first car tuned by Abarth that will have this engine. Even though there are no official details regarding the price tag of the new model, the cheapest version will probably cost somewhere around 15,000 pounds.

Expect to see an extensive bodykit and Abarth’s traditional white & red paint scheme, plus bigger spoilers and wings. Other than that, it should ride on 16-inch alloys and will probably feature color-coded bodywork. Needless to say, the hot version of the Panda will get a lowered and stiffer suspension along with beefier brakes.

Inside the cabin, the car will feature bucket seats, a short-throw gearlever and a sports steering wheel. The options list will include 17-inch alloys and a louder exhaust system.

Auto Express mentioned that also in the works is the Abarth Panda Esseesse, which as you probably know is the name that Abarth uses for its most powerful cars.

Source: Auto Express