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AC Schnitzer releases first tuning kit for the new BMW Z4

The Frankfurt Motor Show saw not only a lot of new releases in terms of cars, but also in terms of special tuning packages from the largest companies in the old continent. One exception, however, was reputed AC Schnitzer tuning house, which opted to reveal its first kit for the new BMW Z4 in a more silent way.

But when we’re talking the improvements the team did to the new Bavarian roadster, then silent is the complete opposite. The experts at AC Schnitzer decided to tackle the 3.5i version, out of which they managed to pull 360 HP, thus taking the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.9 seconds, and up to a dizzying 286 km/h (177 mph).

In terms of style, the company also respected its reputation, outfitting the new Z4 with a new front spoiler an chromed grille, as well as a rear spoiler and new exhaust tip finishes. In the inside, chrome was inserted with a lot of taste around the central console, the iDrive system and the pedals, in order to give a sportier feel.

For a first attempt, AC Schnitzer lived up to the expectations, but perhaps we might see something more outrageous in the future from the tuning house in regards to the new Z4 from BMW.

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One Response to AC Schnitzer releases first tuning kit for the new BMW Z4

  1. Mustang Guy says:

    Absolutely beautiful car. Stunning, clean, sexy. Top up or down it looks wonderful. they did an outstanding job with this one. And with those exhaust tips you know something is going on underhood. I bet it sounds sweet at throttle too.

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