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Aftermarket Used Car Warranties

Buying an aftermarket warranty for your car can be often tricky. You need to know the types of warranties that can be purchased and check if they cover your needs.

An automobile extended warranty is best compared to an insurance policy and looked at like one. There are a big variety of choices when comes to purchasing an aftermarket extended warranty. Choosing the best coverage areas depend mostly on the necessities and requirements of the individual car owner. This article is meant to aid those in need of advices when it comes to purchasing an extended warranty.

The first questions that pop into mind about warranties is when and where to buy them from. Usually when people buy a new car, it comes with a warranty that covers the vehicle bumper to bumper for at least 3 years or 36000 miles drive. This is profitable if the car owner plans to sell the vehicle before the warranty expires, in this case thee is no need for an extended warranty since he will not be owner for long an extended warranty would have no value. The new owner can buy an extended warranty when the car is registered on his name.

Aftermarket warranty

Next, let’s skim through the types of car extended warranties.

The first you need to consider when thinking of purchasing an extended warranty for your car is the type of coverage, as well as the mileage or the period of time the warranty is to be active.  Most companies offer a variety of component coverage policies. It is understandable that the number of components that are placed on the warranty is directly related to the price of the policy. Here are some coverage areas most common on warranty companies: powertrain, maintenance, electrical, emissions, safety restrains, fuel system, climate control and audio.

The most commonly ensured one is the powertrain, since it covers components of extreme importance like the engine, the transmission, drive shafts and axels. An alternate option to this may be the routine scheduled maintenance often recommended by the manufacturer.

To find out the time and mileage for the policy, the car owner should have an idea about how long they are planning to keep the car and estimate the mileage within that period of time. The one interested in a warranty should take these parameters very seriously because they can have a dramatic effect on the policy price.

When making a Car Extended Warranty Insurance Contract people should analyze carefully all the terms of the contract since some insurance companies may try to include verbiage that is destined to deny certain repairs. For example they may write in the contract that seals and gaskets are not ensured and in some cases replacing those can be very expensive. They may also want to include certain requirements about maintaining the vehicle. If those parameters are not met they might deny the covered repairs. So be careful on the deal proposed and what you sign.

It is recommended that you first acquire a vehicle history report before you consider buying an used car to place under warranty later. This will enable you to find out what repairs are needed and in what general shape the car is in, so that you may know what to ensure it for.

The extended warranty is highly recommended for a used car as long as you read carefully all the clauses in the contract.


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