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Alar, The Ugliest Lamborghini Ever

Lamborghini Alar

Want to learn how to draw a car like Lamborghini Alar? Click HERE

Lamborghini released first official photos of Alar, which could quite possibly be the world’s ugliest Lamborghini. We understand that aerodynamics are important, but to do that to a Lambo, well, that’s a crime. More photos after the jump.

Want to learn how to draw a car like Lamborghini Alar? Click HERE

Lamborghini Alar
Via germancarblog.

Want to learn how to draw a car like Lamborghini Alar? Click HERE

101 Responses to Alar, The Ugliest Lamborghini Ever

  1. tanjie smith says:


  2. Vlad says:

    Well, I’m sorry tanjie, we don’t own this car, but if we did, I assure you that we would give it to you for free :D

  3. Brent Danz says:

    I Guess “Lamboraghini Duck Billed Platypus” was already taken. This one’s going to lay an egg.

  4. Lamborghini Embolado Concept by Luca Serafini | Auto Unleashed says:

    [...] Design Course at the University of Parma, Italy. And it’s a cool concept, not like the Lamborghini Alar, which we presented a few months ago and which was [...]

  5. Jason Small says:

    overcooked at best. christmas turkey? no fresher than a fart in your mouth. Embolado concept embodies the lambo design language far better and even looks like it could fit into the present lamborghini model line-up.

  6. Anurag says:

    nice ride right there

  7. Omran says:

    the back kind of ugly but it is freaken nice

  8. Porsche Traveller, ugliest design study we’ve seen in a long time | Auto Unleashed says:

    [...] and that Porsche will not take into consideration this design. We even started thinking if the Lamborghini Alar is still the ugliest concept we’ve [...]

  9. lamborghini's used to be cool! says:

    holy SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WTF! man, lamborghini is going too far with aeros! first the diablo sv, then the reventon, NOW THIS!!!!


  10. kinki bitch says:

    this s**t is so horny

  11. kinki bitch says:

    and my name is dalton and i am so sik and dirty and horny

  12. nick craft says:

    I think that the alar is the hotest car I have ever seen in my life.Keep making new ones.please!

  13. roy kallaye says:

    the front is a little ugly but the rear is good!!!!!!
    But it’s better if you delete this car

  14. ~Ghost ~ says:

    all lame…. tsk tsk too much to say

  15. Haynesmain says:

    THAT CAR SUCKS!!! I’m glad some lamborghini place in my town os opening up but I sure hope I won’t see that Alar. lol

  16. ferrucio lamborghini says:

    Well its not quite what people are looking for ( as seen in the comments )but you have to admire the aerodynamics
    and although the front may look like crap

  17. DanielSan says:

    Iccccce cool car. This is so sick. Lamborghini car concepts are so cool.

  18. owner says:

    all u people who say it sux u say tht cause u cant afford it bitches i think the car is one of a kind.!!!!!HOT!!!!

  19. t-bone1980 says:

    yeh man this car is sick…….so sick i just vomited on my excrement and it looks the same as this car!!

  20. all the way says:

    this car is freakin bad ass I would buy this car for any price your crazy if u think that this car is a piece of s**t

  21. user says:


  22. maty says:

    what a car i think it is fit

  23. moonis says:

    ugliest lambo in the world!!!!!

  24. Mrs Carter says:

    If i had the money I would buy it and f**k it … it’s soooooo damn hhhhhooootttt!

  25. AOTP says:

    Wow, this is not just the ugliest lamborghini, it is the ugliest car ever.

  26. Ching_chong_chinese says:

    This is the ugliest lamborghini i’ve ever seen in my life, it digraces the lamborghinis by far.

  27. olumide says:

    all my life i have never see this
    i can give it a name ,nacked weapon
    or call it no more talk

  28. Irakli says:

    R u serious? Lamborghini made this car look bad. Gallardo, Murcielago, Concept S and other ones are way better than this one.

  29. red_rose@hotmail.com says:

    thiz car f**kn hotttttttttt man who ever sayz dis car iz ugly ur f**ked up lol

  30. this sucks says:



  31. VIVIENNE says:

    its not that bad ,not bad at all,i like it ,u could give it to me ,ill rock it

  32. lego278 says:

    that is the coolest car I ever seen.the back is really cool.

  33. hammerhead743528 says:

    If you guys dont sell this car you would be stupid.. Its flippin crazy.. I love it.. The best looking car by far.. Now get selling that car.. I want one so i can show it to everyone.. Dang its so sick.

  34. Squirrle says:

    Its a nice car but the front end needs to be re-done. Its to dramatic… even for a lamborghini. The exaust pipes are kinda tight though. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind drivin it!!!!!

  35. Ryan says:

    Don’t do it you will only spoil the legacy you started and the whole line of cars built already.

  36. fastfood says:

    Johnny Kim of Dereko Entertainment – Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640

  37. BiLLu !! says:

    its an Awosome Car …. I Like it so Much !!! Good Job .. God Bless U all !!!

  38. coolman456366 says:

    i hate the fukin back but that bitch is ugly

  39. hucker says:

    i liv in bosnian and this lamborgini is so f**king great!!!!!!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Wtf, you guys are all going nuts over a concept. Just so you know these ideas are made to get feed back. If feedback is positive they consider it, negative and buh-byes to that design.

    Personally this design does not appeal to me as it is nothing like the sleek cutting edge designs they are known for! Even though it isn’t a great looking car I’m sure it far more aerodynamic than their other designs, and would be incredibly fast… But most Lamborghini’s are anyway.

  41. chccazbnss says:

    -.- r u kiddin me? that is THE nicest lamborghini car in the world.

  42. emo says:

    ewww that is horrible
    i love lamborghini’s but that is just nasty i cant belive any one could ever like that you would never find me buying it

  43. black magic says:

    yo dis car is hot i will by this if my life dependent on it

  44. yourmothergavemegratsexlastnite says:

    this is the ugliest lambo ever what the f**k how can lamborghini make such a horrible car it does not fit the description for the lamborghini honestly i REALLY DONT LIKE TIS CAR!!

  45. thomas9291 says:

    Designers did a good job of copying the Borneo proboscis monkey for the front end. This should replace monkey picture in books.

  46. qweenlady says:

    This is a car with attitude, this is FUTURE transform car to personality is my motto and this car have lot of it. MARVELOUSE.

  47. o.m.g says:

    bloody hell.

  48. cortez says:

    man this lambo is sick looks nice looks like a yellow bat mobile

  49. Werner Mischke says:

    As most of you already know i am werner mischke and i am in the board of directors for Lamborghini, Audi and am the new edition of Chrysler and this is not called the alar its called the embacent and we are altering the front bumper and might be adding a grill

  50. qweenlady says:

    Please, don’t change the car. It is so great, don’t like no other car. It is special. Have great attitude and personality. If you put on bumper and grill it been just an other car without personality.

  51. Roc says:

    I think the Alar is beutiful. In fact it is the best looking Lambo ever, in my opinion. It looks like a space ship.

  52. ballz says:

    I think that they tried to make it like a formula 1 and to make it fuel efficent.

  53. nick .p says:

    ferrari rules lomdo will alwas be #2 to ferrari I have driven lambos and ferrarri is the god of the auto world that s it what ever lamborghini does.

  54. Rohit says:

    Hey this car is ausome yaar i dont know y r u f**king urself i will buy this car

  55. bojantop says:

    that car is cool but that lamborghini will be made in i dont know 2046,the lamborghini embolado is coolest than that car.

  56. Epic Killer says:

    Are u crazy?Ugliest Lamborghini?This is perfect!

  57. Haro Marcelo Quijano Z. says:

    Well I have no words to comment on this carraso marrow and that this car is the best in the business world as I would have that amount of money to buy a country where soccer is a player they spent a good buy but felisitarlos that are the best in the world have good designs and lamborguini ..!!! so no one exceeds the good px ..! continue inventing several designs and I wish them the best of luck bye world ..!

  58. kraker says:

    Half these idiots can’t even spell so its highly unlikely that they could even afford one.most are probably drivin their dads old buick.do you really want their opinion on a car they will never afford anyway?

  59. luke g says:

    first of all, everyone who says this car is SOOOOOOOOOO HOT, your a bunch of f**kin morons. who designed this piece of s**t? it looks like a lotus elise with a stupid ass looking body kit.. this car is a f**kin disgrace.. i litteraly just lost all respect i ever had for lamborghini.. besides, ferrari f**kin smokes them any day.

  60. luke g says:

    what a f**king waste of a lamborghini engine… ide drive a f**king beat up honda civic over that piece of s**t. they only reason i would buy the Alar is to take out the engine, and then push the rolling chassis off a f**king cliff. this car is a f**king disgrace to automobiles.

  61. luke g says:

    ohh and btw, idk if anyone else noticed this.. but the only people who like this car are black people. they think its the hotttest s**t in the world. well to all you black people who commented on this saying u love the car… GET A F**KIN BRAIN U STUPID SHINES. THIS CAR IS A PIECE OF S**T. U ONLY THINK ITS SOOOOOO COOL AND SOOOOOO BAD ASSS BECAUSE U HAVNT SEEN ANY OTHER HIGH END EXOTIC CARS. UR F**KING IGNORANT. I BET EVERY SINGLE ONE OF U STUPID F**KS DOESNT EVEN KNOW WAHT ALAR MEANS. OR WHY THEY NAMED THE CAR ALAR. SAVE ME THE TROUBLE AND GO HANG URSELVES.

  62. emo freak says:

    why bother making a car this ugly i meen jesus im a lambo fanatic and wish to own every single one of them before i die even thought i no i cant but if someone said to me “would you liek this one for free” i would just say no whay would anyone want it even if it was free its the ugliest peice of **** ive ever seen

  63. qweenlady says:

    Luke G


  64. dee ray says:

    How much for the lambo alar same coloryellow

  65. Joshii_Boii_101 says:

    dude this car is sick… i would pay 1mil for this if i had to

  66. hussain says:

    this car is the ugliest f**king car every seen. yu mother f**kers are chatting bare s**t.

  67. christonwilliams33@yahoo.com says:

    nice car

  68. Romulo says:

    you crazy! hot weels

  69. buck says:

    I’m freakin white you raises pucks this car is okay I’d drive it any some of yall are rases I admit there are a lot better lambos then this but it is still better than a broken beat down car and if you don’t agree with me than appently you are freakn rich so just back off the car and IT IS A GOOD CAR TOO so hah

  70. Gary says:

    it looks like someone took a heat gun to the exterior and melted the cheesemobile

  71. keith says:

    it’s really really ugly..

  72. karl says:

    this car is a bag of shit no 1 will bay it so get rid of it a bag of of shit

  73. jayden says:

    this is awsome im gettin one

  74. kristian says:

    it’s really really ugly..
    this car is a bag of shit no 1 will bay it so get rid of it a bag of of shit

  75. charnelle sakebow says:

    good stuuff! =0

  76. Rrrr says:

    I don’t know what y’all have against this car it wil revolutionize the world we live, anyway it is my #2 car. The first one is the Ferrari.

  77. hari says:

    it must be some idiot designer

  78. Brandon E says:

    f*** all y’all that are making fun of the other people you racist bastards.

    Let them have their opinions

  79. Mike says:

    Way back when, lamborghini Latin America got rights to build a lambo and badge it as an offical. There first lambo was the diablo Coatl. It wasent that bad. In 2008, lambo s. America showed there next creation, this thing. It is not truly a lambo. It is a modified diablo badged as offical. Stats:
    The engine is a heavily modified Diablo engine, a 7.7 L V12 able to produce 770 bhp and can redline at about 7500 rpm. Its body weighs relatively the same as a Diablo at 1,200 kg Initial Reports suggest the Alar could top 223 mph (359 km/h) and could reach 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.5 to 4 seconds, (wikipedia)

  80. prasadkppappachan says:

    nothing is a imbosabble

  81. niceygirl says:

    luke g u are a stupid a** and ur racist. do ME a favor and go back to the 1950s

  82. booger says:

    gay lookin car…my 5 year old cousin designs better lookin cars

  83. Brother says:

    It’s easy to be a racist coward, that associates their displaced aggression with their ASSumption of what’s liked by African Americans.
    Everyone’s tough behind a computer…sounds like a brother has laid the PIPE to your wife, and it’s wide as a GARAGE. Now go park your FORD (Mind) where it belongs.
    BTW…the car is NICE, and if you don’t like it, you have to option of turning that HOLLOW thing on the top of your NECK.

  84. Alex says:

    nice car

  85. jamesmassy says:

    this car is the bomb that car will be mine.

  86. james says:

    this car is cool.

  87. dog breath says:

    i’d love to kick the guys head in who said its for black people!!! he could be my punchbag, would save me fortunes on my boxing fees.

  88. aris budiana says:

    i am like this car when i am have this car i wont wont wont wont

  89. Gerald says:

    Its good car. I impressed. I gotta take one for my wife.

  90. kent says:

    that was i ever seen car thats was nice very nice

  91. jesse says:

    that is a bad lambronini cool bad asss

  92. sarah says:

    this car is………I don know what to say! awfull,cant describe how bad it is. IS REALLLLY LAMBORGHINI????????

  93. Nimit says:

    I don’t think dat it is ugly
    it is awesome and classy too

  94. arman says:

    i think not good because i cant driving with this.

  95. Allison says:

    Wow, that thing is ugly! Looks like a cross between an Alfa, an Opel and not a Lambo. :(

  96. kallazar says:


  97. vampman says:

    Sad, it really does look like a toy model that has been melted in a few spots. HOWEVER, it’s not to bad of a design, the front end could use some major redesign and the back doesn’t need to be all intake… all in all a good start but.. sad, they went from the reventon to this child’s toy.

  98. rahul says:

    yo bros lambhorgini is all ways the king & it always will be

  99. Zeko Brahamavic says:

    I could design that car better and iam not a engineer, I am a artist and iam a bull fan from i learn to write the letter o to draw a car at 4, That design is childs play so guys stop hurting your heads and other people’s feelings, The concept has a enzo nose look alike and audi light setup without the intakes but a liitle skinnier, Its not complete and if they are not carefull it shows body design arches of a F360. The concept is in development its not hard to see. The only thing in this design that looks good and not morphing into some irregular shape is the rims, And lambo if u want a good futuristic design and some music to it too ,give me a call,or emailme, I got credentials am one of the best artist in the caribbean in cape exams, I am one of the few that turn a car into art work and got away with it. Mind u cars arent suppose to be aesthetic, peace

  100. James says:

    dis nig awesome

  101. LamboOwner says:

    this car looks like SHIT (sincerely)

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