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Alfa Romeo Brera By Lester

Alfa Romeo Brera is a beautiful car, no question about it. And the folks at Lester made sure it gets even better. The body kit by Lester personalizes its frontal with changes to the air intake, to the inferior grill, with an overturned trapezoid shape, besides new elements, like the sculpted profiles of the new bumper. The rear part becomes more aggressive, with the adoption of a rear apron and of an aerodynamic spoiler which intensifies the sporty inclination of the car. Click for more pics.

Via [babez.de]


3 Responses to Alfa Romeo Brera By Lester

  1. auto racing history says:

    Id love to know more of what it has in the inside(engine). and what features does this car have(mods,gadgets), perhaps something about the design of the body kit too. I do really like the intensity of the paint job its the color i really want for my car.

  2. Paolo Mangili says:

    Good morning, i need an information.
    i own an Alfa Brera as the blue one in the photo (Lester).
    i’ve seen the aerodynamic spoiler on the back and i would be interested on buying one, can you suggest me where to answer for prices and details?

    thanks for attention, Paolo

  3. Vlad Balan says:

    Hi Paolo, you can see more details on the Lester website: http://www.lester.it/uk/catalogo_marca_modello.asp?modello=ALFA%20BRERA&marca=Alfa%20Romeo

    There’s also a dealers’ list, so this should help you.

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