Americans straying from Toyota, falling in love with Ford, new survey shows

For quite a long time, Toyota was looming over the auto industry as an unbreakable Goliath, reigning supreme in both sales and quality, and forcing other carmakers to struggle for second place. Now though, the David-sized unintended acceleration scandal and a few other bad choices in management have made the Japanese company fall to its knees.

During the fall of Toyota, other companies are slowly beginning to rise in the eyes of the consumer. Just what are those companies? To answer that question, Bloomberg issued a new survey, asking people what they thought of big name carmakers. The results aren’t all that surprising.

The current leader, with 77% of people saying they have a good opinion about it, is Ford. A lot of factors probably weigh in on this decision, from the top quality products, to the fact that it hasn’t received government money like “those” other two carmakers. Trailing the Blue Oval is Honda, with a rather impressive 70% of favorable opinions.

As opposed to the leaders, Toyota has seen some sharp drops, with just 49% still having a good opinion about the Japanese carmaker. What’s worse, 36% of those polled revealed that they would “definitely not buy” another Toyota model in the future.

After fixing its recalled vehicles and solving its legal problems, Toyota has a lot of catching up to do in terms of public opinion, at least according to this survey.

Source: Bloomberg

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