Angry Range Rover owner finds a creative way to get back at dealer

I’m sure employees from the Lookers Land Rover in Colchester, Essex weren’t very happy when they saw this Range Rover Sport in front of their showroom one morning. The owner was probably very angrey when the dealership failed to deal with his complaints about his £50,000 Range Rover and decided to list all the car’s flaws with large yellow vinyl letters. He wrote “If you want trouble free motoring do not buy one of these!!! Don’t take my word for it, look on the net” and then listed everything that went wrong with his car.

Because the vehicle is parked on public property, the dealership couldn’t do anything about it, instead offerd to change this guy’s cars with a new one. Don’t know why, but I don’t think that made him happier.

[Source: Daily Mail / Via Jalopnik]

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Comments (4)

  • intensive driving says:

    I hope the new one is more reliable!

  • driving crash courses says:



    I suspect that the guy is now delt with straight away from now on.

  • marie says:

    no, i am his wife they are not doing nothing!!

  • tracey woods says:

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