Another Audi R8 is destroyed, this time in Russia

Ok, I think we should start a campaign against Audi R8 cruelty. After some time ago we presented photos of a burnt Audi R8 in Germany, this time we have this Russian dude who, with no respects for his very beautiful and expensive car drove it into a tree. As we see in the photos, the probable cause was rain, but still, c’mon dude, look out more for your car. View more photos after the jump.

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Comments (25)

  • intensive driving says:

    The old rain and wet leaves trick… such a waste of a lovely car but hopefully another person has learned a lesson without damage to flesh and blood.

  • Verbal says:

    My heart goes out to that car… poor girl :(

  • SuperThug says:

    God riddence another piece of crap bites the dust, atleast it wasent an enzo or even a porsche a la real sports cars, it deserved it of being a fake lambo

  • Vlad says:

    SuperThug, I understand you don’t really like the R8 :D

  • Oliver says:

    Might not be a Lambo. But for the price, it will keep up with, if not beat a Gallardo. This car is fresh and beautiful. Go sit in one at the showroom, and it just feels awsome. Cant help that slick roads suck, and car would have the same fate, with the same stupid driver.

  • Vlad says:

    The R8 is a nice car, it’s a shame this happened. I would’ve felt the same if it was a Ferrari or a Lambo.

  • 7123843u says:


  • gangstaBeNtLeY says:

    LOLZ stupid driver is fagz

  • ... says:

    People say, “can’t drive for s**t!”, and yet I’m sure they are not much of a better driver. It is very hard to control a super car on wet roads.

  • r8 hater says:

    a worthles piece of s**t porshe is much better u got daft to buy a wannbe car it deserves to be smashed

  • bamjondied says:

    this car is insane, i knew about this car when it was still up on the drawing boards and the fact of the matter is that this car is just like any other super car, try looking at what the car can really do…

  • anewman says:

    [People say, “can’t drive for s**t!”, and yet I’m sure they are not much of a better driver. It is very hard to control a super car on wet roads.]

    Take the pressure off the right foot, it’s not rocket science.

  • P911gt2 says:

    Anyone who can hate that level of engineering whether it carries with it the name of Lambo or Ferrari is not a true car enthusist or doesn’t have any appreciation for design or performance only name. we have all seen super cars crashed.

  • Audi4ever says:

    een uiterst sublieme wagen, was het maar een achterlijke jappenbak geweest.

  • Josh says:

    Respect for the car and knowing that just because it costs a lot, has all the newest and latest safety and control features, doesn’t mean that the laws of physics don’t apply.

    Too many people with the means to purchase automobiles such as the wrecked one in these pictures, unfortunately, don’t have the first clue as to how to actually drive them, on wet or dry surfaces.

    It’s such an insult to me when I see engineering like this destroyed by ineptitude and idiocy. Regardless of how much money the person may have. It’s like buying the Mona Lisa and then pissing on it and setting it on fire, just because you have the cash to do so. BS!

    When I bought my Porsche, I also bought the Porsche Driving Experience. A weekend at a track with Porsche drivers and engineers who taught me how to safely drive the car I had purchased. Other exotic manufacturers should offer the same, and people who really care and appreciate their fine car, should do the same as I did.

    I bet I can outdrive just about anyone else on the road with me. Because I took the time to learn.

    Can you say the same?

  • tony says:

    On a serious note, thats so sad.. Such a beautiful piece of work. And whomever said it deserves it for being a fake Lambo, ACTUALLY. VW owns both Audi and Lambo.. nothing fake, they’re brothers.

    On a less serious note:
    can i haz teh headlight, i’ll use it as a lamp in my room lolz

  • slick says:

    can i re produce your pic?

  • pauldavids123 says:

    With car manufacturers making their cars look like everyone else’s , the Audi R8 is not only a great looking car but grabs everyone’s attention whenever one is seen , look at when the Ferrari Enzo and McClaren F1 road car was launched their looks totally blew other car makers out of the water …..

  • TerrifiedCitizen says:

    The R8 is not the fastest car I’ve ever driven, but it is pretty capable compared to other class competitors… Looks like this is a result of selling the car to someone who could afford it; i.e., the Russian neuvo-rich, but hasn’t the driving experience to handle it under less than perfect road conditions.
    Or, just too much vodka…

  • audi r8 fan says:

    audi r8 is the best but with a dom driver

  • Adusia says:

    How can people destroy such a beautiful car. If I would ever get one I woul drive as careful as it is possible

  • Runsabithot says:

    Maybe a inexperienced driver but to have a piece of machinery such as this and not push it to the limit would also be a shame. This person may have just crossed the line. Everyone makes mistakes driving.

  • Arche says:

    poor tree. . poor poor tree. . unno how much time it takes for that tree to come up so big? and then some crazy nuthead comme and drive it down. . no respect for the nature!! hard driving this car? why has it no steering wheele?

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