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Anti Sleep Pilot for a safe driving

40% of all single vehicle traffic accidents are caused by drowsy driving, which is really concerning. Consequently, ASP Technology, a Danish company specialized in scientifically-based solutions to help people avoid driving fatigue, has created the Anti Sleep Pilot, a small dashboard gadget which to prevent this type of accidents, caused by tiredness and sleeping behind the wheel.

This gadget can easily be attached to your dashboard and its purpose is not to wake you up, but to prevent you sleeping. It indicates how tired you are by using 26 input parameters, scientifically validated, and will then use lights, sounds and tests to keep you in continuously alert. When your tiredness will reach a critical level, the gadget will alert you and will indicate when you are able to drive safe again.

“It’s clear that we have hit on a problem which is found throughout the world. Driver fatigue causes too many deaths in the UK and the summer is when many families find themselves making long journeys as they go on holiday. By launching the ASP in the UK now, we hope that we can help reduce this sad figure and make motorists more attentive to their tiredness levels.” said Troels Palshof, CEO and founder of ASP Technology.

This is how it works:

We truly believe this Anti Sleep Pilot is a great development and a useful innovation which to increase your safety while driving. It can be bought from Amazon for £129.95.

What do you think about the gadget?

[Source: Pocket-lint]

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