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Antique Car Insurance


According to car marketing experts, antique cars are slowly but surely starting to disappear, age, carelessness, or poor management are killing those fine pieces of machinery that represent out automotive history. If you are lucky enough to own such a vehicle, than you should do your best to keep it in tip top shape because a valuable antique car will turn you into the envy of every neighbor on the block.


Want to make your car time proof? Than Chrome Specialty Car Insurance can help with that. They are one of the most renowned antique and classic car insurance companies in the world. They can cover classic and antique cars that have been restored to their original state and that are 25 years old minimum, hot rods and street rods manufactured before 1949, other replicas or kits, original non restored cars which are at least 20 years old, exotic or rare cars that go beyond $50.000 in value. All of them spell CHROME so like they say it “it’s all in the name”.


Antique Car Insurance


CHROME in association with the ANPAC association manages to protect your antique or classic car like no other classic car insurance company. No matter what type of car, or owner they encounter, they have a coverage package ready. In addition they offer neat features like personalized services, agreed upon and state value coverage, 10.000 miles destined for the pleasure of driving which is a lot more than any other company. Not to mention their road assistance service and platform towing, the fact that you can chose the shop you want to repair your car and receive $500 in spare parts coverage. All these services are available 24 hours 7 days a week.


Another cool feature is that no matter what happens to your car and how damaged it gets or how many components need replacing, you pay only one deductible for each time something happens. Moreover, if you decide to entrust ANPAC with both your vehicle and your house and you remain claim free for 3 straight years, than you get a 25% refund of your first year’s premiums for both your car and your house. CHROME, in sign of appreciation to your business, gives you a TLC which represents their 15% discount in case you head for their Tri line coverage packet. This is a special discount received by the people that trust them with their antique or classic car insurance and also home insurance needs as well.




ANPAC has been active since 1905 and is the only antique car insurance company that has received the Missouri Quality Award because of their highly reliable and organized management and customer care. By using CHROME you have the option of getting an agent to offer you an insurance quote, but more than that, you have the possibility to make both payments, for the classic car and for the house in one shot using your savings account. In case you didn’t manage to find an online agent to get an insurance quote from, you can simply contact them and they will provide with a quote themselves. All of this free of charge. And finally, by using CHROME you are able to get GAP coverage (Guaranteed Asset Protection). Normally the GAP coverage could cost you thousands of dollars but all the cars are old enough to fit in the CHROME criteria so you don’t have to pay nothing more than the usual fees.



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