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The “apology” app from RIM: DriveSafe.ly 2.0 Pro

We have already talked about BlackBerry’s service not working and about the fact that this has determined a decrease of the number of accidents in some countries in Asia. Now, RIM has just released the app DriveSafe.ly, trying to make the use of BlackBerry phones during driving safer.

But let’s see how do they try to limit the risk of injuries for using the mobile phone while being behind the wheel:
- The app reads the text messages to you.
- It provides you the possibility to dictate and send text messages by voice as reply to the ones received.
- By using the vocal command, the driver can call somebody / the sender of the message back.
- Voice controls are meant to keep your attention and eye on the road, not on the display of your phone.

You can pay $19.99 for getting the app, although it is not known for how long the giveaway will last. In addition to this, for the next four weeks, RIM will be giving away all the premium BlackBerry apps.

So, maybe BlackBerry’s service interruption was not such a bad thing to happen, don’t you think?

[Source: Ubergizmo, Photo]

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