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Is Apple Working On The Car Stereo Problem


You’re feeling annoyed by all the trouble your stereo has given you each time you try to plug in your IPod? Or you’re sick and tired of carrying around CD so that you can compensate for not having a plug in for your slamming new Apple IPod? Than maybe it’s time for a change. Nowadays manufacturers have developed hundreds of stereos or car adapters or kits that will enable you to access your favorite music from your trusted player while you’re driving, not having to carry an entire bag of CDs each time you have a longer road to take and feel like listening to something that gets you in the mood. Here are some of the most popular solutions which are easy to adapt to your needs and your pocket.


First we have the media receiver from Alpine: the iDA- X100. in 2007 Alpine had the ingenious idea of placing on the market a car stereo that didn’t have CD playing capability but it had numerous designs destined to controlling the IPod. The popularity of that product grew immensely therefore Alpine was pushed into creating three more stereo head units, including the iDA-X100. The absence of a CD player meant more room for the nicely designed LCD color screen that displays all the controls as well as some interesting album art. A large knob which you simply rotate to navigate through your selection was added to make things fast and pleasant. A straightforward USB link provides the best possible quality and makes other portable devices easy to plug in and played. Yet the greatest feat of them all is the new radio receiver that is able to connect to ITunes, which as many of you know is probably the largest music library in the world. All this can come to you with only $400, totally worth it if you ask me.


Is Apple Working On The Car Stereo Problem



Than there is the DICE Universal IPod Kit. This little device provides the possibility to integrate the IPod onto car stereo systems that come from 19 manufacturers. More to that, they just released a system that can even be connected to any simple FM radio. This device can be hardwired to the system which practically means that it will be tied to the electrical system of the car and the signal coming from the IPod is directed into the radio by the means of an FM modulator. This will make the song title and artist appear on the screen, but it has to be controlled from the IPod. Still for only $130 and NOT having to change that simple radio, you do the math.


An even better solution comes from Eclipse CD 1200 which provides a very affordable way to add a cool head unit to your car and provide it with IPod integration capability in the same time. All you need to do is to purchase a 30 bucks cable that plugs the IPod into the CD1200 but once it is connected, the CD1200 gains full control on all the features of the IPod therefore making things a lot easier to you when you’re driving. Since most cars have audio control buttons integrated in the steering wheel as well, you barely have to move a finger. The cable provides USB drives which enables you to get even more music into your ride, not to mention the integrated aux-in jack that allows you to play mp3 and WMA files. Coming with a detachable faceplate, cool illumination in either green or red, and an animated equalizer, this affordable $160 head doesn’t lack features at all.


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